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A four-some? Perhaps.

So the girls trip to PEI is out the window. Why you ask? Well it's now a couples trip! Hot damn. I didn't see that coming. I really didn't. Who knew T's guy could get a week off so easy? There are a few snags in our new plan. One is the leaving time. T and I were gonna head out super early Saturday morn but it turns out that her guy J has his daughter that weekend and he has her until Sunday evening. Gulp. That cuts into our vacay time pretty big plus we have already pre-booked our cottage for Sunday eve and if we can't cancel that one night we'll be charged anyway. Not a huge deal as it's only $65 but when every penny is being budgeted for that's not cool.

I was teetering all day between being excited the guys' may come and being a little sad that it wasn't gonna be a girls' trip anymore. Realistically though I think T and I would be better suited for a girls trip that ws only a few hours away - such as Wasaga Beach. Somewhere just a few hours away and not say 24! I'll have to talk to her about that maybe a weekend in July? We'll see.

So my weekend was nothing to write home about but it was still pretty good. Saturday I got up and somehow managed to waste away the morning and end up being late for the bridal shower - only by about 20 minutes but still. It was a good afternoon and by the time I left around 6 C's party was Long over so I just headed home. But seriously who has a b-day for their hubby and makes it from 1 - 4 in the afternoon. I believe he was turning 40 not 4. C can be crazy some days. Saturday evening we went and spent a crap load of money on more Wii stuff. Oh sure we got an awesome deal on the Wii but it's all the accessories that get ya!

Sunday it was pretty cool out but we had a wonderful drive out in the country and back to his parents! I had forgotten my favourite pair of sun glasses so we went to pick them up. We just caught his mom on her way out to bring our nephew to his dad's ball game. But she rarely sees Keith so she annoyed the little one by leaving half an hour late so she could chat with us. We left and headed home the long way which was nice especially since Keith drove and I could just enjoy the scenery. I was hoping to stop at a shoe store and look for work shoes that I have to get but I had such a wicked headache going on I didn't want to stop. By the time we got home my head was pounding and I just wanted to unscrew my head and put it away somewhere. Instead I took some aspirin and layed down for about an hour - thankfully that did the trick.

My boss sent me an email asking if I got my shoes yet and since I hadn't I didn't answer but went out at lunch and bought a pair (along with 2 pairs of very cute sandals on clearance). These shoes I have to get are safety shoes. It's really quite dumb. I work in an office but one of the jobs is mail clerk which involves walking around with a cart and sometimes moving boxes. This isn't part of my job but I did volunteer for coverage when she's off - basically to get away from my desk and move around. But for some reason someone decided we needed to wear safety shoes to do this. For the first time in 10 years? Okay. I did buy quite a cute pair if I do say so myself. They are black with a bit of red on them - sassy. I'll have to keep a spare pair of socks at work so if I she calls in sick I'll be go!

Well I think I shall go and do a little research for our trip in 3 weeks! I had told Keith that if both guys' couldn't go then it would revert back to a girl's trip. He had a slight problem with that. His concern was that we would all be going and then J would back out and he wouldn't be able to go. I had to clarify that in that case yes he could still go as that wouldn't be fair. It was only in the initial phase if one of the guys couldn't go. I could tell he was pretty excited about going but didn't show it cause a) he's containing it cause he's a guy and I'm sure he thinks it may fall through and b) he's super tired cause he's been up since 2am! Forgivable but I want jumping up and down when this things confirmed and he's (semi) well rested!

A'right peace out.

7:55 p.m. - 2009-06-01


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