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Just a Wii bit peeved

I should probably be heading to bed but what the hell it's Thursday eve! Normally I would be saying it's my flex day tomorrow so who cares BUT my flex day has been moved to Monday! I am actually psyched about it cause who loves Monday's? Not this girl.

Of course I have to get up early for a doctor's appointment but at least I won't be sleeping the day away! Plus I decided to be productive and booked myself a massage as well as I'm going to book an eyebrow waxing appointment. I also hope to take myself out to lunch that day as well! Keith was pretty thrilled that he will be getting off work the same time as my massage is done. I was 'meh' about it as sometimes a gal needs to just 'roam' and wander her city for the day and not have a care in the world. Although I guess it will stop me from spending money!

So I had a very bad shock tonight. I used my Wii fit for the first time. That sucker lies!!! I am NOT that heavy. I may have cried after I ran upstairs to get on my bathroom scale and have it confirmed I am in fact THAT heavy. Son of a bitch. It sucks but it also might be the slap upside the head I need. I may have been letting my healthy new lifestyle slip by the wayside as I became more comfortable taking my bp pills. The sugar thing? Hey if I don't have to 'take it' then I don't have to face the reality do I? Yah this is probably why it's a good thing I'm seeing my doctor on Monday. I'm going to be sure to mention the fact that the diabetes clinic never called to have me in for a 'consultation'. My brother said his doctor tried 3x to get him an appointment and finally my brother just went to a naturopath instead.

Hm what else did I have to say? Darn tv captured my attention for a moment and now my momentum is gone!

Oh I know, I booked 2 hair appointments the week before I leave on my trip. On the Tuesday I am getting a cut. I'm still not sure how much I want to get cut off I figure I'll decide the day of! Then on the Thursday I am getting hi-lites! I'm just gonna do it! Of course I plan on 'box coloring' my hair the day in between the cut and hi-lites! Screw them box coloring it for me and charging me $40! I'll pay for the hi-lites cause those I can't do myself (yet). I was joking with someone that I was going to get my hair cut on the Sunday that we leave and everyone can wait for ME that day. Don't worry the hair place isn't open on Sundays!

Alright I am gonna post this and head to bed! This week went amazingly fast and actually was pretty good work wise. Ol' CW and I have actually been getting along! We've even shared a few laughs. I don't expect it to last long before she pisses me off again but until then it's nice to enjoy a truce. Oh and she was the one who got me to take the Monday off instead. I think she thought I'd fight it but little does she know I was grateful and psyched to have a Monday off instead. I'm supposed to be off the Friday before we leave for PEI but I asked her if I could switch it to the Monday after I come back and she said YES. Surprise surprise.

10:13 p.m. - 2009-06-04


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