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Double Up

Well my day-off didn't go quite as planned although at least I didn't have to take my car in to be looked at which I thought was the case yesterday.

We went to Ikea yesterday looking for 'something' to put in the kitchen to hold all the crap that keeps ending up on our kitchen table and counter. I have been wanting something for months. We did find a suitable cabinet and even bought it! It just barely fit in the car BUT unfortunately we couldn't fit the 2 smoked glass doors that go with it in the car. We'll have to make anothe trip sometime for the doors. As we were leaving the car started to do this shimmy-shake thing and was running really rough. Then the check engine light came on. We drove around the area and eventually the car worked itself out and began to run smoothly again. The check engine light even went off after we stopped and re-started it. I was super worried it was time to take it in for the big expense. Being the responsible car owner I am I plan on waiting until it gets worse before doing anything!

I was up Way too early for my doctor's appointment this morning. I learned that my referral to the diabetes clinic never happened cause his office staff didn't refer me. That would make sense why I didn't receive a call.

Afterwards I went to Wally world where I was actually not in the mood to shop - go figure! I bought a few things to make my trip worthwhile but my heart wasn't in it. I actually had time to kill before my massage so I went home and changed into a long sleeve top (it was freakin' cold today!). I went for my massage and it was loverly. Although I did that thing where I 'talk' to myself during the whole thing. I keep a running commentary in my head while everything is happening! It's just crazy. Shut up and be still already - just enjoy it!

After that I headed across town to go get my eyebrows waxed - pleasure and then pain! After the pain, me and my pink eyebrows treated ourselves to lunch at Arby's and then made a quick stop at a shoe store to check for a pair of sandals a girl at work owns. These sandals are foam-y and pretty and I swear it's like walking on a cloud when you put them on (she let me try them). Alas, this place didn't have them. There may be a store out in St. Jacob's that have them but that's a bit of commitment to drive out there just to check for shoes.

I got home to find the hubby already home. My thoughts of running anymore errands flew out of my head so instead I grabbed the bag of coin wrappers I bought and began to roll our change. I told Keith it's to put towards our trip and even though he laughs at me it will help us. I wrapped $75 worth of coin. I plan on taking it to work and exchanging it sometime this week for bills.

All day, after my doctor's appointment, I kept mumbling and saying to myself 'double up' and then shaking my head in disgust. Apparently my bp still isn't 'ideal' (it was way high when I was in the dr's office) but when I showed him my recordings of the past few weeks he said it still wasn't good enough and told me I had to double up my pills. This sucks big time. I am not a happy camper right now. I know I can do so much better but I also know I'm not even giving 50% right now. I make excuses and I just break my own rules for no good reason. Too bad none of you really know me cause I would give you permission to give me a big ol' slap upside the head right now. For reals....cause obviously I need it.

Alright time to find the hubby, he went off to lay down a while ago but not to fall asleep. Sleep would be so nice right now. Mmmm sleep.

3:51 p.m. - 2009-06-08


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