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Written Monday:

Who needs sleep never gonna get, who needs sleep tell me what’s that for – BNL

They say to truly understand what someone else goes through you should ‘walk in their shoes’. I did that this past weekend. Okay not literally as Keith wears size 12 men’s while I wear size 8 women’s so yah that would have slowed us up big time. But I got up with my honey at 4am on Saturday. The getting up wasn’t the hardest part surprisingly. I guess my body was used to waking up as he left the house anyway. Not to say I wasn’t super tired because oh trust me I was. I was up till after 10 pm and sleep did not come quickly. But once I was up, showered and dressed we were out of the house within 20 minutes of waking. That’s with packing the car. We’re fast.

Keith drove cause there was no way my blurry eyes were going to focus that early in the morning. I helped him roll the bread into the stores and even priced a few stacks. He seemed to appreciate my help but I sure as heck couldn’t do that job on a daily basis. Every time I go to work with him I have a whole new appreciation for the long days he puts in. They are tiring mentally and physically. I kind of feel bad for all those times I ragged him about not doing something with me or going out with me. That was only one day and by the end I was toast. I had some energy drink around 3 that afternoon but it gave me a headache more than anything else.

We did finish nice and early though. By 10 we were done for the day – the truck was parked back in the yard and everything. We drove to my parents but made a few stops along the way at a few Used stores that we always talked about going in to ‘one day’ but never had the chance. There are 3 used stores – large chains – that are right beside each other. I didn’t find anything in the first store but at the second store I found 2 pairs of pants, a skort (fake skirt!) and a pair of capris. They all fit so I bought them. All for $29. The third place we went I found a beautiful pair of sky blue capris for $5 I bought those too. Heh. Shopping spree for one!

By that time my stomach decided it hated me for making it get up so early and feeding it junk (coffee and a muffin). We stopped for a quick lunch (baked potato and salad for me) and then continued to my parents.

We had a good time there. We played games, hung out with my parents and then hit the highway Sunday afternoon around 2. We got away early as my parents were going to some kind of butterfly service. It worked out well for us as we figured if we did get away early we would go to Ikea to pick up the glass doors for the cabinets we bought. We bought the cabinets and then headed home – me with a grumbling stomach cause I was hungry and frustrated with my man who wouldn’t let me snack on junk food (I know I know he was right!). Although dinner turned out to be pretty unhealthy anyway but at least I didn’t pile it on top of the junkfood.

Last night I planned to be all productive but tiredness just got the better of me. I managed to change the sheets on our bed before calling it a night and laying on top of the freshly changed sheets and summer comforter (I finally put away the duvet for the season) and watched tv. Keith came up and we watched some tv before he had to go to sleep and then I left the room and thought I’d be semi productive on my own but nope still lazy. So I gave in to it. I grabbed a book, brushed my teeth, washed my face and lay down with my book. It wasn’t long before my eyes were doing the drooping thing and I was forced to turn off the light and head to 9:30!

I woke up a few times during the night and each time I marvelled that it was only THAT time and I still had HOURS to sleep – Amazing. I awoke at 6:10 and contemplated getting up and doing some type of exercise since exercise is going to be very slim this week as I’m busy in the evenings. I not only contemplated getting up I did! I got up and did the Wii. Boy was I stiff. My Mii really aged and didn’t do so well on all the events – the hula-hoop was so hard! I still haven’t caught up to Keith’s score cause I couldn’t catch the damn hula-hoops when they were thrown at me, they just kept bouncing off my head! I think that’s why both Keith and I play to beat each other’s scores! Whatever keeps us active I guess.

So not only was I out the door early this morning, I was out the door early and wide awake and well rested – what a change! I doubt I can keep this up but for now it was enough.

I’m a little frustrated with myself, I don’t seem to voice my opinion especially when I want to say “No”. I honestly have no one to blame but myself. I was pretty upset with myself Friday night that I let myself be talked into watching a movie rather than doing my ‘to do’ list. It was the reason I only got 5 hours sleep. I didn’t want to come home to a sink full of dirty dishes and I still had to put together all the gifts plus pack us an overnight bag. The whole time I was grumbling to myself and then I realized I had only myself to blame. Keith didn’t tie me down and force me to watch the mediocre move. If I had just said no, he would have been disappointed for a few minutes, got over it and played the Wii and I would have got everything done.

I also didn’t speak up when I was asked to confirm going out to a movie tonight with the girls. There are just 3 of us. Normally we have 5 – 6. I tried talking the girls into another night but rather than come out and say “No’ I’d rather not do it, I just stayed quiet. I wouldn’t dream of backing out now cause that would be rude so I will go and not get upset with myself when I don’t get anything done tonight for our trip. Live and learn.

I asked my boss for 2 vacation days the week I come back. If granted that means I would have the whole week off. I have 2 flex days that week – Monday and Friday and Wednesday is a holiday (Canada Day). She is normally quick in granting these things and hasn’t answered me (I asked on Friday) so I’m not holding out much hope right now). But it would be wicked to have 2 weeks off in a row. I checked my vacation days (I get 4 weeks a year) and by the end of the summer after taking all my holidays I will have 11 days accrued. Sweet!


Okay so the movie and dinner thing last night was divine. Why do I freak out about doing stuff only to have a great time? The theatre was beautiful and the dinner was amazing. We even drove by a co-worker’s on the way home and saw he was outside so we stopped by for a few minutes and even got to go inside and hold his new baby. He’s 5 months old and weighs just 9 pounds. He weighed only a few pounds at birth so he’s doing great. Overall a lovely evening.

Tonight I am heading across the street after work to go get my hair cut – not sure what length yet. We’ll see. I do know I want to keep it long enough to put up since having hair hanging down around my face is so hot. Plus once it gets to a certain length (the awkward length it looks terrible on me). We’ll see what happens!

T just took her car into the dealership today....more money on a car that has to take us to PEI this weekend – eek!

I can’t wait to head outside at lunch. Yesterday and today the weather has been beautiful. I don’t think it’s gonna last so I’m going to head to the park to sit in the shade (yesterday I sat with my back to the sun and got a sunburn on my upper back) and read my book. I’m not usually a murder mystery type person but this book is really holding my attention!

Oh and one more thing....I had a sore spot on my right side today and couldn’t figure out why until I mimicked the motion of hula-hooping and eureka that was the cause of the pain!
Huh interesting.

12:27 p.m. - 2009-06-16


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