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There are pots and pants waiting to be scrubbed....I'm okay with letting them wait a little longer. There is a large room filled with...STUFF that I have to search through to find my lock for my bike....I can tell you right now that ain't gonna happen tonight!

This butt is staying attached to the couch tonight! I did my duty and went to the gym after work - on a hot FRIDAY afternoon I'll have you know! I came home, rinsed off and had a Wonderful dinner waiting for me - mmm bbq'd steak! Now the hubby is in bed and I am wondering how long I will last tonight since all week I have slept poorly. I don't think I went to bed before midnight every night. Last night I planned on heading to bed for 9 but then watched Big Bro and even though I had every intention of NOT watching Harper's Island I got sucked in and watched the whole 2 hours. AND then I proceeded to have nightmares after watching said show. Yah it was lame and all those gore people out there just laughed at it I'm sure but I was on the edge of my couch yelling at people to run...and then watching them get killed violently. I don't do gore or suspense very well.

The only thing that got me out of bed this morning (besides my bladder) was the fact that it was Friday! I haven't worked a whole week in quite a while. Good to know I can still do it. The week actually went pretty fast. Today went really fast cause we were short staffed a lot of people but it's pretty dead lately so having the extra work was a-okay with me. I'm such a loner. My favourite thing to do at lunch is to rush to the nearby park, find a quiet spot and read my murder mystery. It's awesome. I always tense up if I see people I know at the park cause I'm afraid they'll want to 'talk' or worse sit with me! So I...and this is bad....I pretend I don't see them. Not in a bad way but I just sort of look at the flowers and such as I walk by and then if they do see me and say hi, I say a quick hi and don't stop. Good thing I'm a friendly girl while I'm in the office!

So I have no plans for the weekend and it feels great! T is away all weekend with her boy (I cannot tell you how thrilled I am for her - she finally has a guy who not only doesn't work 24/7 but wants to go away with her and spend ALL his free time with her).

So yah nothing really planned. If I do manage to find not only my lock but the chain in which the lock attaches then I plan on biking to the library that is close to my house. I want to check it out and get exercise at the same time! I had this big plan to do all these different things tomorrow and then I had to give my head a shake and just CHILL. I want to ENJOY my weekend not fill it up with things to do! Let the fun, chillaxin' times begin!

Speaking of chillaxin' my hair has already begun this process! It is wickedly curly. In a good way. But it's shocking. I couldn't get my hair this curly if I tried with my hundreds of products! All it takes is to get it wet when rinsing off after the gym (no shampooing twice in a day!) and then just ignoring it! I don't even do anything to it. Actually I even lay on it while I'm lying on the hubby's shoulder as we cuddle on the couch or lying down beside him as we chat before he falls asleep. Whatever it is I do, it works. Curly wonky hair.

Hm not much else to say right now - gonna watch some of the tube - read a while and then BED. Ahhhh bed. Here's to sweet uninterrupted sleep for 8 hours!

8:49 p.m. - 2009-07-10


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