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Do blondes have more fun? Time will tell I guess!

I just colored my hair. I had to cover my mouth so I wouldn't laugh out loud and wake up Keith. It's um blonde...I mean BLONDE! I decided to withhold judgement until I see it dry cause right now it is freaking me right out. Change is good - change is good. I just talked myself out of eating a chocolate bar I didn't know I had till yesterday. I sweated my butt off at the gym tonight after work (on a freakin' Friday) so to eat a chocolate bar is just plain dumb.

I've been meaning to update while at work this week cause I've been doing reception but man has it been busy! I mean granted the mornings started out slow but I would somehow waste them away and then sometime in the afternoon business would pick up and it was good-bye entry.

I went to the gym 4 times this week! About freakin' time! It would have been 5 but T and I were supposed to go swimming on Wednesday. Oh neither of us cancelled and we me met up at the REC centre only to find out it was a FREE swim night which mean every parent in the city dropped their kids off and the pool actually turned people away at the end. T and didn't even bother getting in line cause we weren't sure we wanted to swim with that many kids - so annoying they can be. We decided to go swim at her mom's but had to stop first to pick up a few b-day related things for J's party this weekend. Yah we didn't make it swimming at all.

Speaking of J's party. Tomorrow's weather is calling for RAIN and THUNDER STORMS all day. That should be interesting. I had made J a card while at work today (this morning) and then I promptly forgot it when I left work tonight. Humph.

Tomorrow morning I actually have things to do and can't laze around the house. I need to go out and buy the fixin's for a nacho platter Keith and I have been asked to bring to the party. I also need to find Blue Duct Tape. I plan on using this duct tape to fix (as best I can) Keith's camping chair that fell into the fire the last time we camped. The back was mesh and it burned within seconds. The chair isn't too comfy right now but it was a pretty pricy chair so I plan on trying to fix it and hopefully it will work and Keith will be thrilled (fingers crossed). I also may be going to pick up J's b-day "pie" about half an hour away. T emailed me tonight begging me to pick it up. Why she ordered it in a town half an hour away I have no idea! I decided to make her wait on my decision (and also I'm hoping she may find someone else to do it). I have a lot to do tomorrow without picking this cake...I mean pie up. Keith and I were thinking that she probably just bought this one pie cause J doesn't like cake but completely forgot that it probably won't feed everyone at her party - classic T. Good thing I don't need pie!

On Sunday Keith and I plan on having a marathon tv watching day (um I think this is supposed to be our one day of sun this weekend - whoops). We're going to watch the mini-series of Torchwood. He is slowly turning me into a geek I can tell. Of course I watch it cause the main guy is HOT. The storyline falls to the wayside for me!

My hair is taking forever to dry! Alright I'm gonna go and watch a bit more of the boob tube, read some more diaries and then head to bed and hopefully finish my boring book tonight. It's the book after Shopaholic which I never read btw or saw the movie. This book cannot hold my attention. I think I may have bought this book for C but lost it when the time came to give it to her - I guess I did her a favour!


10:07 p.m. - 2009-07-24


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