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I should make a list of all the lists I need to make!

Well Iím back to work today. The ill effects are thankfully gone. Although I did get a lot accomplished at home yesterday. I wasnít as diligent as I should have been but I figured my being home was as bonus so it was okay to slack somewhat. I would clean or organize and then sit down and watch some recorded shows. This went on all day, so quite a bit was accomplished when all was said and done.

Keith called around 5 to talk about dinner plans, he suggested that greasy bbq burgers probably wouldnít be the best food choice for dinner (thatís what we had planned for Mondayís supper). I had totally not thought of that but instantly agreed. We then decided to switch and I would make Tuesdayís dinner...except....Tuesdayís dinner was a chicken and bean dish and with the day I had I knew it would be wise to avoid BEANS. So I ran to the grocery store...during an ever frequent downpour of rain and bought a roast and made a pot roast dinner. I hadnít done that in forever and was a bit nervous as Iím not the best cook. I managed to undercook the roast and had to put it back in for a while. Also my gravy did not turn out the best. I canít remember the last time I made gravy so I was out of practice to say the least!

Lunch is a while away and I am snacking on melba toast and some circumspect garlic dip. Itís a little too runny for my taste but it is a dip (not a spread) and itís made with Ĺ the fat so there ya go. Iíll know if it was okay by tonight I guess!

I could not fall asleep last night for the life of me. I didnít even nap yesterday so Iím not sure why the problem. Maybe my body missed the gym. I obviously didnít go yesterday. I even left my gym bag at work Ė no point schlepping it home to schlep it back to work today! But I did work up a sweat several times and ran up and down the basement stairs a million and one times! Oh yah I did my little project of taping Keithís chair. It didnít turn out half as good as I had hoped. The blue wasnít the right color and the tape gave me grief while working with it.

I am itching to make lists right now. I am refraining from making them and Iím not sure why! Different things will pop into my head and I will think ďoh canít forget thatĒ and then start working again and *poof* my thought is gone and I should have wrote it down. Just make a list already!


Well I did go ahead and start my list! I plan on working on it tomorrow while I'm at reception for the day. I won't even care (that much) if it's busy cause I am just so HAPPY to be off of phones. I know I whine about them a lot but they are pure Hell. In my line of work I get a lot of people calling up to complain and whine and ask me a lot of questions I don't know the answers to. It's enough to make a person very very cranky.

Hm I can't remember what else I have to write about. I did make it to the gym after work - just barely. I had almost talked myself out of it - as in what's the point? I will only be going twice this week so really there's no point. But then I trudged my way to the gym and began to grudgingly work out. By the end I was sweating and of course happy that I made the effort. Tomorrow is swimming with T (and yes we will swim this week!). Thursday I'm going to a co-worker's after work so I won't be able to work out. I do plan on going Friday so I can end the week with weights. Grrrr strong!!!

A'ight I am outta here. I have to pack my lunch for tomorrow (mmmm leftovers) and then hopefully go to bed at a decent time tonight and actually fall asleep when my head hits the pillow!

8:38 p.m. - 2009-07-28


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