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Kickin' and Screamin' my way back to reality

I'm back! No offense but I wish I wasn't! Vacation was awesome. Vacation was over all too quick. We had an awesome week. The weather was hot and beautiful. Iím still kind of in shock that it actually felt like summer the whole week! We did have one Ďoffí day in which it was overcast (no rain) and a bit chilly in the water (boo hoo eh?). So yah it was great. There were moments, Iím sure, that we all wanted to strangle one another. My sil had the pregnancy hormones going and I had the pms ones so we clashed a couple of times. Although really our clashing is very low-key so I find it hard to even call it clashing. The most annoying thing that happened was our trip to the Falls. My sil has this fear of bridges and the only way to get to NF is over the bridge or so we thought. Keith found an alternate route that took us almost double the time - 4 hours to get there. Maybe it wasnít quite double but it sure was annoying. At one point I threw a big huge hissy fit in the car at Keith (we had 2 cars btw). We got out for a pee break and this was just after my hissy fit so I was feeling pretty bitchy, I barely spoke and just got back in the car as soon as I did my business. I eventually calmed down and even felt a bit guilty cause once we got to the Falls everyone jumped all over my sil for her fear of bridges and costing us so much time. Truthfully they were all starving cause they were waiting to have dinner with us and we didnít arrive till 7:30 - old people need to eat around 5 donít ya know. The four of us were actually used to dining at 8 or 9 as was our habit at the cottage.

One of my favourite parts of the week was hanging out in the pool with my two brothers and even though we were cold and should have got out we stayed in the pool just chatting and catching up - even the kids had got out by then. It was just something that doesnít happen all that often and I didnít realize how much I missed just hanging out chatting with them until then. The motel was pretty awesome - just a simple one but my whole fam was on the bottom floor all beside one another so we could run back and forth. My parents were a bit pre-occupied cause it was my momís family reunion and they knew everyone there and had to socialize (sadly even after all these years I still donít know these people). It was kinda nice hanging out with my older brother and his family as much as my younger brother and his wife. I guess now that I know how rare it is I appreciate it that much more. I kept the two older kids entertained in the pool for almost an hour with my underwater camera. We were all laughing so hard as we tried to take pictures of one another under water - we got some pretty crazy shots.

The cottage we rented was pretty rustic - as in old. It was well furnished. I donít think this lady rents out her cottage except to friends and family cause otherwise it would be trashed. Keith and I had the bedroom on the main floor and every night we would sleep with the windows wide open and it was blissful. Only one night was I too hot to sleep but otherwise I slept great (a bit crowded as it was a double not a queen). The water was from a well so not only was it slightly colored but it stunk! The sil and I couldnít stand it (especially her as sheís preggers). We ended up showering at the camping showers every night. I got a pretty decent tan (for me) - Iíll see how long it lasts!

This morning we had to pack up at the motel a lot earlier than I would have liked. Even though check-out was at 11 a lot of times we can usually stay and hang out and swim and the hotel is okay with it. But today my dad was doing a special church service that someone at the reunion had set up. It was at a church that a relative had preached at many many years ago. A man that helped run the underground railway. I have a lot of black people in my family and for years I never thought anything of it until one day I actually did start wondering why. I believe it was a great-great grandfather that married an African woman and so it went. I really need to learn my family history as I know almost nothing about it which is just ignorant of me.

Anyway, the service was at 10:30 we had to be packed up and checked out by 10. Keith and I were up and at the continental breakfast by 9. I quickly went back to the room and packed like crazy - it was crazy humid outside and I was determined to get one more swim in. Everyone thought I was crazy but they donít understand my love for water! I did manage to fit in a 15 minute swim and it was totally worth it!

After the service, we said goodbye to mom and dad as they were staying to chat a bit and then leave for the cottage we had just been to. We went out to lunch (the gang of us again) and then to the outlet malls. I just wanted to buy some body shop body wash (which I did) but then I kept on shopping! I bought a bathing suit (really nice one for $28 and now Iím kicking myself for only buying one as this looks like it will last a lot longer than the Wally world ones!). I also bought a sports watch. I went in to look and buy a watch battery for my regular watch and while waiting found a sports one for a good price. Keith bought a PS2 for a really good price. A bit more money than we were planning to spend but totally worth it. Oh yah I also bought a pair of my quest to replace my favourite ones that I LOST while swimming at the cottage. I always wear my sunglasses in the water and that day I dove into the water head first and didnít notice when I got up that they were gone until a good 30 seconds or so. The water was murky that day and there was no finding them even though everyone took turns searching. The ones I bought today are close but I fear my search will have to continue for the perfect pair!

Now weíre home. I am on my third load of laundry (I know - crazy!) and we are just chillaxin. Keith has to work tomorrow but I thankfully have it off. It is supposed to be a crazy HOT week but Iím not complaining - we have not had summer and I will not wish this hot weather to be gone (yet). Iím not sure what my plans are for tomorrow but I do know they will involve me, a cold drink and a good book out on the deck. I did do some reading while at the cottage but I felt guilty for ignoring everyone most of the time so I didnít read as much as I would have liked. Tomorrow I will have no such concerns! I wonít even think about Tuesday - too depressing. So I will end this now and go deal with my laundry and catch up with a few dlanders!

8:59 p.m. - 2009-08-09


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