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Yesterday's news....seriously

Okay this was written yesterday when I had good intentions to post it....but um yah that didnít happen. So since itís so freakiní long here is yesterdayís entry:


I am feeling rough this morning and I sure do feel it! Turning 35 seems to have been too much for me! I was already tired to begin with last night due to a crappy sleep the night before but then Big Bro had itís finale night so of course I Ďhadí to watch it until 11pm! I ainít as young as I once was....

So my birthday day turned out to be a pretty good one. I didnít exactly sleep in like I had planned since I had went to bed later than normal and then couldnít fall asleep! So I was still bloody tired getting up yesterday. But I had a wicked breakfast made by the hubby Ė a huge waffle with a side order of BACON! Mmmm bacon. As a child, according to my parents, one of my favourite sayings was ďCall me baconĒ. To this day Iím still not sure why I walked around saying that. But I do love me some bacon!

I then headed to work where I stopped for a coffee that proceeded to leak all over me and my car and then was stuck in traffic due to unexpected streets being closed. Did this touch my good mood? Nope! I came in to find a co-worker had baked a cake on my behalf (we stopped doing that a while ago) so it was extra nice that she did it. For lunch I snuck out early so I could be on my own (yah Iím a lone wolf) and headed to my car to drive to my favourite place for lunch. After I ate I had grand plans to take my car to the carwash cause she is filthy but it was not to be as once again construction thwarted my attempts to get to the convenient cheap car wash. Sorry car.

I had a lovely dinner at the restaurant I had wanted to go to Ė I had made reservations earlier in the day as I wasnít sure how busy it would be Ė in passing I mentioned it was my birthday and I was actually kind of shocked the gal wrote it down and they remembered. They brought me a cute little cup of ice cream with a sparkler in it (this is after I had turned down dessert cause I was stuffed). The meal was awesome. I had this pasta alfredo dish with HUGE chunks of crab. Devine. For a starter Keith and I split a huge bowl of mussels. I walked out of there feeling stuffed and very very satisfied. We headed home cause I just wanted to relax and do nuthiní. I spoke to a few family members on the phone and then Keith whipped out the cake he had bought me. So yummy but I know I didnít do it justice as I was still pretty full. I have a feeling the left over cake will taste orgasmic tonight when my belly isnít so full! While I waited for our pvr to record Big Bro (I hate watching commercials Ė Iíve gotten spoiled) Keith and I played a game of pool. Weíve been doing that lately, playing a couple games of pool a night. Itís been almost a year since we last touched the thing!

As for my birthday gifts, I think Keith was a little disappointed with my lack of excitement when I opened my gifts. Although to be fair he said the Ďbig oneí wasnít in and I may have to wait a week or two so these were the two little gifts. One was a very nice fancy coffee maker since my other nice one broke and it was just too much hassle to return it. It looks pretty cool and I canít wait to play with it. The other gift was a Wii fit game that I had been looking at when we were last out shopping. It looks like it may seriously kick my butt which guarantees Iíll never use it (heh). He also got me a very cute card. I did ask him out of curiosity what he bought me in PEI and when would I be getting it? He then told me it was my birthday card that he bought in the fancy gift shop. Heís too funny. I tried to hold my disappointment cause I was kind of expecting an actual gift from the shop. Greedy arenít I?

After our game of pool he left me alone to watch Big Bro (he doesnít like the show) and I stayed up way past my bedtime to see the results. Okay it wasnít past my bedtime but since I was tired it sure felt like it!
Today my head is buzzing and I really would like to not be here today but I am. I already cancelled out on T for swimming tonight. Iím just too tired and I want to get a few things done tonight Ė laundry and such (the excitement I know!). Weíre hoping to go to my parents Friday after work (and Iím really hoping I can get out early) so we can beat the rush. I debated whether or not to go Friday or Saturday but I figure we should take advantage of Keith not having to work and us being able to go up early.

Okay my belly is rumbling so I may just try and post this here entry before the end of the day Ė how novel!


Okay I just had to mention that I got NINE glorious hours of sleep last night and I seriously feel like a 110% Sleep is awesome!

12:17 p.m. - 2009-09-17


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