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I sure do hope that this 'dance high' goes away soon. I feel wired. I was feeling so sluggish before our recital tonight but once I got there and the nerves kicked in there was nowhere to go but up up up! I'm waiting for the high to better cause this girl needs sleep!

Last night I woke up at 2am in pain. My back was killing cause I was sleeping in a very weird position. I slept poorly after that and then at 5 I got up and took a couple of tylenol and tried to stretch out the pain. It actually kind of worked - I'll know for sure when I go to sleep tonight. But yah a full night of sleep, pain free, would be just awesome.

So as I touched on above, the recital tonight was fun and went by really fast. I forgot several steps but I didn't care, I was just having fun. The old people loved it. Okay they liked it. I mean they can't show excitement the way us younger folk can but you could tell they appreciated us being there. Afterwards I stayed with my bd teacher to have tea with a lady who is a resident there. The lady was so sweet and had all her faculties and the conversation was never dull. I'm not the best conversationalist so I always fear there will be these odd lulls. At one point a gentleman came in to the tea room carrying his Oktoberfest hat that he has had since 1969 with all sorts of pins and buttons on it. It was literally the most awesome hat I have ever seen. I think people may have thought I was humoring him but I truly loved the hat. I have started collecting pins as well on my hat so I know how sentimental it can be and how special. He had just turned 90 and was quite sweet. I also think he really loved it when I hugged him - he had quite the grip!

So yah I am glad that I put up with the bd teacher's bad mood and the insane practices, it was totally fun.

I think tomorrow I am just going to take a day off. No gym, no exercise. Tomorrow is the hubby and mine's 4th year anniversary. He's going to be working probably a 16 hour day so he'll be in no shape to celebrate. I think I'll cook something simple - or we'll have leftovers (trust me this won't be a disappointment as dinner tonight was de-lish). We're going to celebrate on Saturday. We have reservations at a fancy restaurant. T got us a gift certificate last year for helping her move and we're going to use it, it should cover almost all of it depending on if we have apps and drinks. I'm looking so forward to it. I even have this cute top to wear that I bought last weekend.

Uh-oh I just remembered I have to go call my parents now and thank them for the anniversary card in the mail and the cheque they put in it! It was quite generous of them so I definitely have to remember to call and thank them. I'm not sure why they put a cheque in, a card would have been just fine. My parents are too much and they are awesome. Alright, off to make the call before it gets too late. I still hear Keith up, he's supposed to be asleep by now, he is going to be one tired boi in the morning and probably pretty grumpy too!

Oh crap I also just remembered the sign I was going to make him for our anniversary - the stuff is in my car! I must go rescue it and get working on it! Good thing I have all this extra energy - gonna use it wisely!!

8:55 p.m. - 2009-09-30


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