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Those movie people sure know how to party!

You know, I love it when life just gives you a kick in the pants and shakes up your normal, everyday routine. This week my friend 'A', lets call her Meena, from the weekend who I love and adore but only see very rarely and never on a one to one basis cause I met her through S and we just don't hang out like that, sent me an email. She would be back in my town for a few days this week and wanted to know if I wanted to get together to have a couple drinks or whatever. I told her that T and I go swimming on Wednesday nights but we could meet up with her afterwards which worked out great since that's when she'd probably be done work. Of course T threw a wrech in those plans by already having her own plans with "J" and was going to cut out on me early for swimming as well. Well I told her to go screw herself and that I would go alone. Okay I didn't but that's wanted I wanted to. Instead I just told her that we would cancel swimming but that from now on her man needed to understand that I had Wednesday evenings booked with her and don't go pulling this crap about setting up couple dates with others! Can you tell I"m a little fed up with the 'coupleness' yet? Anyway I digress!

Meena was going to be done early so we planned to hook up for dinner as well as drinks. It's a good thing I snacked before hand cause dinner wasn't until 9:30! We had a pretty darn good time though. Meena is fun to hang out with. She's easy to talk to. She's working on a pilot for a tv show so we (my office) also had the excitement of watching a film crew do it's business. I believe the main guy is from Corner Gas (the Hank character). I didn't see him though. What I did see is people who can party and drink on very little sleep. Wow. They also all had to be up at varying times between 4 & 6 am the next morning! I finally got out of there by 11:30 but man I had fun. I only had one drink but just hanging around with Meena and watching the characters around me was quite fun. I must have texted Meena a hundred times yesterday. I haven't heard a peep from her yet today but I plan on walking over around 1 and saying hi.

Just got back from meeting up with Meena. She is zonked the poor girl - she had to get up at 4:45am. Ouch. There is a huge party tonight with the crew but she is heading home. She was thinking about it last night and I offered her a place to stay but she has decided as tempting as that is she is gonna call it a day at the end of shooting today (around 8pm I hear). I'm kind of happy about this as I'm sure she would have invited me to come out and I would have but I am also pretty tired not to mention I have a doctor's appointment at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning! I am looking forward to putting on my pj's, getting all comfy on the couch (solo cause the hubs has to work tomorrow at stupid o'clock in the morning) and watching a girly flick (probably that one with Ryan R and S Bullocks). It looks like it will pass the time nicely. Then I hope to go to bed at a decent hour and be up at a decent hour and feeling nice and refreshed!

Oh so I sold my fitness equipment. It was the leg magic machine if anyone cares. I'm still not sure what posessed me to buy it. Well I know what it was, it looked kind of fun - it wasn't. Plus when I first emailed the woman to ask if it was still for sale, her response was something like "yes, when do you want to come pick it up". She had the ad on for a few weeks by that point. I had mine up 3 days before I got the first bite and then sold it within 6! I didn't sell it to the stalker person who just wanted my home address. They surprisingly (heh) never contacted me again. But I did sell it to a woman who suggested meeting at a mutual location near both of us. Duh, why didn't I think of that! I met her and sold my machine for the same price I bought it for. I just wanted to make my money back not a profit so it all worked out in the end. She seemed quite happy with her bargain and I was quite happy with the extra moola in my pocket and the piece of equipment not taking up space in my house - thank goodness Keith didn't get rid of the box - see how procrastination can work in your favour?

The weather looks threatening! It is supposed to rain today. So far it has been 'spitting' out but no downpour. I hope it holds off, I want to bbq. I was going to bbq on Tuesday but we put it off and then last night we were going to but I went out with Meena so now it is back to me to bbq tonight. Here's hoping the rain holds off! I need my bbq'd steak dangit!

So I've decided to do nanowrimo again this year. I'm actually going to our local kick-off. I wanted to last time I did it but I'm too shy when it's a group of people I don't know. So far almost everyone who has rsvp'd yes says that they will come BUT they may chicken out cause they are really shy. Shy writers unite! I plan on getting there right as it starts so I'm not walking into the swing of things and being even more intimidated. Plus as people come in I'm sure they'll introduce themselves so hopefully I can try and remember a few names. I am quite excited about this (I think the excitement might even out weigh the nervousness - although we'll see how I feel as the day gets closer!). I'm just proud to be trying at least to break out of my comfort zone.

Well I have just a little more than one hour left of the day. I'm gonna go look at the Avon books. maybe play a little hang-a-roo and then pack it up and call it a day. 3 day weekend here I come!!!


Mkay my evening didn't go quite as planned. I did end up bbq'ing our steak which tasted freakin' delicious. Keith didn't get to taste the hot off the grill flavour though as he didn't get home till after 8pm. I really hate him on this route - I worry too much about him. He was kind of flushed tonight which means he may be getting sick. Gah.

I didn't watch a movie tonight. I don't have it in me. Since I have to get up at a certain hour tomorrow I know I wouldn't be able to kick back and relax like I want to. That will have to wait until tomorrow night! For now I am gonna head up to bed, read a little and hopefully snore the night away!

*Is it wrong that my friend 'A' just got a real name in here while all my other friends are still initials? Hmmm.

10:38 p.m. - 2009-10-22


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