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I bet if I rolled in would stick to me ALL over

Let me try and get a quick entry in before dinner! I am freakin' starving by the way.

So yah after my little entry about the day lasting forever - the rest of the weekend sped on by. Saturday I was barely out of bed when the hubby got home from work - he was early and I was late getting up. The cookies did get made and my hair did get dyed - both later that evening. My cookies turned out awesome - too awesome. The hair turned out 'meh'. It's kind of dark and is doing that thing where it sucks for a few days after coloring. Seriously it does. I'm not loving my new cut though. I asked the girl to make sure I could still pull my hair back in a ponytail. If my hair was naturally straight this wouldn't be a problem but the curl in my hair makes it not work so well. Probably in a month or so for now it's a work-a-round.

Saturday night the hubs and I watched the Benjamin Button movie - it was better than I thought - just kind of slow.

Sunday we were our usual turtle selves and took forever to get out of the house. We did finally make it out around 2. We headed to the pumpkin place where it was teeming with people. Mostly families. Kind of makes me want a rugrat of my own. We bought a couple small pumpkins but next year I have a plan to buy a bunch of small-ish ones and one HUGE one. I have a plan but it will have to be next year. We didn't carve the pumpkins yet - hopefully tomorrow evening.

I've got a crazy exercise plan mapped out for myself - we'll see if I abide by it.

The hubby emailed me at work today to tell me he not only found my missing ipod (it's been years!) but also a bucket full of change. That change has turned into a tidy little sum of over $150! Sweet. He's also rolling our other change as I type this and so far he's up to $313 and counting. We call it our vacation change - woohoo!

Well dinner is still not ready yet but my tummy is a rumbling so I'm gonna post this and start whining about when my dinner is going to be ready to the hubby!

6:52 p.m. - 2009-10-26


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