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Retail Therapy is good for the soul (but not the pocketbook!)

Well I caved and went in to work today. I mean I really couldn't drag it out another day no matter what my body was telling me this morning when I tried to get it up at 7am. It was NOT happy with me. I couldn't sleep last night either - I think I finally shut off the tv around 11:30 and then around 3am I woke up coughing and coughing and coughing. Ugh. I finally got up and drank some water and took a sugar free halls. Fun.

The day didn't go that bad. I had the end of the day to look forward so that helped. I met up with T and C for dinner and shopping. I was SUCH a good girl and had a spinach salad for dinner - the other 2 had VERY bad dinners with dessert so trust me it was a hard decision to keep!

It was actually a great dinner. We had some great conversation - and this time we didn't nitpick on each other like we can sometimes do. It was nice just to be supportive of one another.

After that we went and did some serious shopping! I bought a few b-day and x-mas gifts and also a few items just for myself. I got 2 pairs of shoes (1 for work 1 for pleasure), 2 tops (the same), a scarf and a wallet. All on sale of course!

I got home at 9:15 to find the hubby behind closed doors SNORING! He was in bed already. Crazy! I guess he's catching up on all the sleep he's missed over the past weeks. Oh wait....hmmm I think he may work tomorrow? Man, is it bad that I can't remember! I guess I'll find out at 3am when he either gets up or doesn't!

My throat is wickedly sore right now and it is Pissing. Me. Right. Off. I have been dealing with a sore throat off and on for a week now. All symptoms of my cold will go away - maybe a slight head cold haze left over but the throat will stop hurting and then suddenly out of nowhere one side will begin to KILL. Like right now. A few days ago it was on the right and now it's the left side. Argh!!!!!!!!!! Just go away already!

Tomorrow is Friday - a two day work week. I don't know if I can stand it. But I sure could get used to it! If only.

9:45 p.m. - 2009-11-12


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