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Give me some sugar....oh wait never mind

Okay I really don't want to jinx it but I be....cold and pink eye free - finally!!!! Like I said, I don't want to jinx it but the sore throat is gone and the head cold symptoms have disappeared also. Shew.

My weekend wasn't too exciting but don't get me wrong it was gooood. Saturday I slept a good 9 hours (sweet) then I may have even exercised (go me!). I somehow talked the hubs into going to the movies. He worked that day but only till 1. We ended up seeing Couples Retreat which is on it's final legs in theatres. It was a predictable movie but it had it's funny moments and it's nice to watch a movie with the hubby that's not a cartoon (he loves his animation!).

Sunday was a no-leave the house day. Did a crap load of laundry and recuperated from writing 3000 words the night before for nanawrimo (still wickedly behind). Yup, all in all it was a pretty quiet weekend which I totally enjoyed. I even managed to get our damn bedroom cleaned (it's my clothes that are scattered everywhere so that's why it's my job to clean it).

Getting up this morning sucked out loud but that goes without saying. I did work out though which was great. Gotta get back on track. I did lose a few pounds in the last few weeks which is awesome. I just have to keep the momentum going. Keith has been awesome. Since he's the main chef (okay the only) he's been working extra hard at making me appropriate meals. He's been great.

He was quite excited yesterday to smoke a turkey (in our smoker!). He claims it's for my work lunches this week. He made true to his promise and packed me a wicked lunch - except for the side salad it was perfect! Okay the salad was good too but next time I have to eat that first cause it definitely took second billing when I had lunch.

It was an interesting morning at work. I got to work to find out that I was replacing our mail girl - as in walking around with the mail cart and non-stop on the feet. Actually I don't mind it. It's just knowing ahead of time that matters. I was wearing nice work clothes and knew my day would be hell walking around all decked out so I did the only thing I could think of....I went home. Yup I left just before morning break and came home and got changed into jeans and comfy shoes. Smart. I also hit tim's on the way back to work and bought some coffee for the girls so they would luv me forever.

I didn't make it to the gym after work but I did do this yoga tape when I got home. It was freakin' challenging but great. There's this one lady who I absolutely love - I should probably try and remember her name so if I find other dvd's that she's done I will buy them. She always has variations for those of us who are not quite advanced as she. After that it was a (healthy) dinner and then it was time to watch a x-mas movie! My friend loaned me the Polar Express as I had never seen it. It was actually a pretty good movie and yah I may have shed a tear or two at the end (good ol' sentimental me).

Well Keith is finally off the phone with his mom - we called his mom and my brother tonight to wish them a happy birthday (both on the same day!).

Mkay off to get ready for bed - 6:30 comes early!

9:42 p.m. - 2009-11-16


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