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At least I won't have to stay up and clean now

Is it seriously almost 2010? Wow. This year is going out in a bang I tell ya. I have an update on the 'ring saga'. We found Keith's wedding ring. More appropriately I found it. In my purse. Yah I'm blushing while I write this and feel like a dumb dumb especially after we spent all of Monday driving to and fro looking for the ring BUT really I am just so happy we found it. We figure that it fell off when Keith was looking in my purse for gum that I requested on our drive home. Both of us did look through my purse and turn it inside out but somehow it hid from both of us. Ah well makes a good story right?

So work this week has been DEAD. Oh man it is brutal. This afternoon I spent the last hour playing sudoku and I suck at sudoku (I really do). Tomorrow I volunteered to stay until 4:30 (most of the staff gets to leave at 3:00 and then we have a 'skeletal' staff). I don't know what I was thinking when I volunteered. But I may now get to leave at 3 instead. A co-worker wants to bank the 1.5 hour and offered to stay in my place. Of course this co-worker has a habit of changing her mind and not caring that it f*cks with my plans so I'm really not getting my hopes up that I will get to leave early. I think I will bring a book just in case.

I went out with 2 of my co-workers last night to see the Wizard of Oz. We had excellent seats - we were 8 rows back and had that space between rows where we could stretch our feet out and didn't have to stand up if someone wanted to get by. It was great except for the fact I had a father and his 4 year old sitting beside me. He had to explain EVERYTHING to her that was going on on the stage. Please, if you have kids, don't do that! Talk about aggravating. Then during the 2nd part the kid had a buffet going on and they weren't shy about crinkling those wrappers and juice boxes! So yah, besides that it was all good.

Tomorrow we're heading to T's for New Years. It sounds like it will be a small gathering which is okay with me. T wants us to wear our pj's. I haven't decided if I'll follow through on that or not. Oh also we were told not to ring the doorbell when we arrived cause....they have J's kid and they don't want us to wake her. Does anyone else hear the warning bells here? They don't want us to wake her BUT we're coming for a party. Oy vey. As it turns out I may not even be drinking so I guess that cranks down my volume! I won't be drinking cause I'll be driving. I asked C if she would pick us up but I probably won't know until tomorrow if that's okay or not. There's no place to sleep at T's as it's a small house and with Keith's gimpy leg we can't just crash on the floor or a couch.

S and our friend A have decided not to come. S isn't up for the socializing. It sounds like her marriage is over for good. Before it sounded like a temporary thing but now it is sounding permanent. I can't blame her for not wanting to party it up, even if it's a small party. I'll probably go in to T dot one weekend in January to hang out with the girls.

Well I think I'm gonna post, and make my way to bed. I am tired. It's gonna be interesting keeping this girl up to midnight tomorrow eh?

9:41 p.m. - 2009-12-30


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