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The best made plans....

How's this for unfair - I am SO very very tired and want nothing more than to go to bed right now BUT I am SO stuffed up that as soon as I lay down I can't breath. Yup I'm sick. I can't even take any cold meds (and you know how I love my drugs)cause of all the meds I'm on currently on. Sigh.

But what I can do is tell you about my weekend. And what a weekend it was.

I made it down to T dot in one piece even though all the traffic seemed to be consipiring against me but eventually I made it to S's. That night we had a nice dinner made by S and many many drinks along with it. Eventually our other friend A showed up and around 10 we dolled ourselves up and headed out. I thought we were just going for a drink or two and calling it a night...not so. We headed to this really hip bar that was really awesome. They had a burlesque dancer that night who danced on the bar. We eventually left that bar and walked the strip and went to a few more bars. Before I knew it, it was after 1:30 and we decided to head back. Around 3:30 A left to meet up with a 'friend' and S and I went to bed shortly after.

Saturday S and I lounged in her bed for the whole morning. S made us coffee and eventually some eats which we consumed while still in bed. It was a perfect morning and S and I finally just had a chance to chat and catch up with each other. Around 1:30 we decided we should start getting ready for our spa day when A called. She was supposed to be meeting us at the spa for 2. The night prior - after meeting her 'friend' she managed to hurt her foot and was in excrutiating pain and couldn't put any weight on it. She still wanted to meet up with us but S convinced her to go to the emergency room instead. We would do the spa another weekend. Our day took a whole different turn.

Despite the change of plans S and I were still having a pretty good day and were very easy going with the change of plans. We did a little shopping and eventually met up with our other friend while waiting for A to get out of emerg. On our drive over to pick up A we scared our friend when both S and I began to yell when we heard 'our' song on the radio. S and I couldn't stop laughing as we hadn't meant to scare our poor driver with our excitement. This song had become 'our' song that weekend after I told S I couldn't get it out of my head and had had Keith burn the cd for my drive down. The song was Bad Romance by Lady Ga-Ga if you really wanted to know. Don't ask me but I am really digging that song.

That evening the plan had been to have dinner, play some wii and then go out dancing. Everything happened except for the dancing. We got carried away playing the wii and having fun plus A was pretty out of it from her meds. We ended up calling it a night around 4am and ended up cabbing it home.

Today S and I were both damn tired so we again did a lot of lounging and chatting in bed again. Eventually we headed out to I-kea and had a good time walking around and browsing. Around 4 I headed back home to my hubby and to my full blown cold!

Right now I'm waiting for my mom to call - she has 20 more minutes since I told her she could call up to 10 o'clock. I'm hoping to be in bed by then - hopefully breathing and sleeping. Although my mom may call as late as 10:30 cause she's cute like that.

Also my sil is being induced Feb 1! Wow - it's so close now!

9:18 p.m. - 2010-01-17


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