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Is it Spring yet?

Wouldn't you know it....after being ON time all week I went ahead and ruined my perfect record on Friday. I was late by....three and a half hours. I was actually almost out the door on time when I decided to check our basement since the night before we had had mysterious water in our storage room. We mopped it up and hoped it wouldn't come back. It seemed our wishful thinking wasn't enough. It was back. This time I saw it was coming from our hot water heater. I called the hubby who said he was super busy and he would have to deal with it when he got home later that day. I hung up, mopped a little and then said to hell with it and called the number on the tank and had a repairman coming within an hour. He came, told me we needed a new water heater and said a contractor would contact me within a few hours. About an hour passed and the contractor called, they had a cancellation and could come right now. They came, replaced the water heater and left by 11am! I jumped in the car, grabbed a coffee and headed to work! The old me would have maybe not gone in to work.....just saying....but the new 'oh crap my flex is in jeopardy' me was excited to get to work as soon as I could!

On Thursday I had decided to wear a skirt to work (I wear them maybe 3 times a year?). I went to put on the tights I had bought....and they didn't fit. They would have been fine at the waist but they barely fit over my calves (wtf?). I almost gave up but then I remembered my black tights (that are really long johns but shiny and look like leggings). I've had them for many years. I looked awesome. I got so many compliments that I couldn't help but blush. I may have to start wearing skirts more often! Although highly doubtful cause I'm too lazy in the mornings.

This weekend has been very low key. Friday night T and I took C out for her birthday - C said it was one of her best b-day's of all time. We went to a valentine's workshop that my ex bellydance teacher was putting on. The girls did some pole dancing and then T and I learned a few chair dance moves. Oh I also had a mini hand massage and a shoulder massage - not to mention wine! C drove which was awesome.

Saturday I was uber lazy and watched Gilmore Grls till Keith got home from work and then once again when he went to nap. I finally showered around 6 when we decided to head out and buy some supplies for dinner. Once home it was back in to fresh jammies.

Today I got dressed into some schlubbies and actually started 'cleaning' our basement. We have a lot of crap and I am in the mood to purge. I have a couple boxes to bring to goodwill (along with a few small furniture pieces) and a couple bags of garbage. I'm kind of hoping I can put a dent on it big time next Friday when Keith is at work. For some reason both of us clean so much better when the other one is not here.

Well it's almost dinner time (we're just having homemade subs - yum) and we're gonna get back into our Dr Who marathon - yah he got me addicted damn it! Not the old stuff that he still watches but the stuff from a few years ago - the good ones.

Alright he's staring at me so I gotta go!

4:51 p.m. - 2010-02-07


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