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Solitary confinement?


Oh this does not bode well for a pleasant weekend – unless of course I like to get stoned and take Keith’s powerful pills then I guess it would be an interesting one. My neck is freakin’ killing me which in turn is giving me a horrendous headache. I am as they say ‘out of alignment’. I have a chiro appointment on Monday which means that I will either be ‘all better’ as it will work itself out or almost in tears by the time my appointment rolls around at 5 o’clock. I should have tried Yoga last night like I was thinking of doing. Yesterday was swim day but T cancelled and I decided to take a day off and just chill. Silly me. I have been walking at lunch this week and it has been awesome. That half hour goes by so quick and I feel so much better the rest of the afternoon. Sore neck and all! Of course today I am not walking at lunch as I’m going out with a few co-workers. Personally I kind of would rather walk but I’ve learned that I have to say yes sometimes when I’m asked to go out to lunch. Here’s the thing.....

I am a solitary person. More so than I thought. Sometimes when I am getting ready to go out at lunch whether it’s to walk or go to a store I rush so that no one asks me where I’m going and then wants to come with me. I enjoy going by myself. I’m on my own time schedule and if I”m walking I can just put the ear buds in, listen to my music and let my mind wander. I don’t have to chit chat or try and keep pace with someone who is either slower than I would rather or faster. On the weekends I thrive when Keith goes to bed (Friday nights when he goes to bed around 7 or 8) and I have the basement to myself. I pop some popcorn, watch my shows, kick back and chill. And I enjoy doing this alone. I also enjoy shopping alone for the most part. Sure I enjoy girl times and such but I also enjoy bumming around by myself, going to any store I want, not being on any kind of agenda except my own. Hm, am I gonna be one of those hermits out in the middle of nowhere living in a cabin by myself? Nah, I like to shop too much – it will be a cabin that is near the city limits!

Aunt flo is taking her sweet time to get here today. Normally she greets me bright and early in the morning. Don’t worry there are signs she is arriving (hello snapping husbands head off for no reason 2 nights ago!), so I won’t be joining that baby club any time soon. Not if I want my little monkey to come out a monster with all the meds I’m on. Thus the exercising twice a day lately!

Even though that blasted Wii says I went up a few pounds I am still feeling better and a little lighter plus my clothes feel better – not loose as I would like but not tight either – so yay! My goal...and yes I have a goal this time, is to fit into a pair of cute jean capris I bought a few weeks ago at a second hand store. They ‘fit’ but weren’t that comfortable – I know I know I shouldn’t have bought them but they were SO cute and so cheap. So I want to ‘fit’ into them by the end of May when we go camping for the May 2-4. I don’t usually set goals for myself so it would be nice if I actually accomplish this one!


Yaaawn. Soooo tired. Okay no SO but enough. After I post this, I will watch one episode of the G girls then head up to bed where I will read for a while. Reading is good. Good night!

8:58 p.m. - 2010-04-22


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