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I'm ready for summer! Too early?

If I could get away with going to bed right now I totally would - let's see that would be roughly 11 hours of sleep - yah I guess that would be a little excessive. I was so wickedly tired when I woke up this morning (of course you know already that I went to bed uber late). I just could not get my butt in gear this morning but I finally pulled it together and got to work only 10 minutes late.

Of course who was standing beside my desk but my boss and a co-worker who is notorious for being late (except he was super early today). I wasn't too worried mostly cause I was really too tired to care. They were there to come up with a 'game plan' as we were going to be down 5 people leaving it with just the 2 of us. Hum. So my boss called in a woman who had requested a vacation day - last night! Another co-worker also arrived and the day was saved. So that was work.

Let's see as for a weekend recap, not too much went on. Saturday I spent the day cleaning out my closets and bringing out the summer clothes - screw this crazy weather I am forging ahead with the warm weather wardrobe! Saturday evening T and J came over with J's daughter. The plan was to have a bbq and then head to the fair a few blocks away. We ate and then got too relaxed and never made it to the fair - no biggie.

Sunday was a chillax day with a bit of running around. I also did like a bazillion loads of laundry and managed to stay up way too late waiting for the last load to dry (it was Keith's work clothes so I couldn't abandon them and leave them in the dryer).

My sil sent me a video today of my little D cooing and just looking adorable. He was wearing the pj's I game him - damn he just keeps getting cuter. Speaking of babes, BTM didn't update can only make one wonder......

Mkay I am outta here. Bed is calling...but I shall resist...for a while longer.

8:10 p.m. - 2010-04-26


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