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I heart my IT guy

Yay our laptop is 'fixed'. It was the network card or something like that. Keith bought something (um I guess a network card) that we have to plug into the laptop when we want to connect to the internet. It was a do it yourself job cause we didn't want to pay the big bucks to have someone look at it and then the even bigger bucks to fix it.

I did write an entry on Monday - sort of - so I will now cut and paste part of it cause I'm lazy like that.

***Okay first I have to say that if you have never seen the show Modern Family you MUST go and download it or you know "buy" it and watch all of the seasons ASAP cause this show is so freakin' funny!!!***

Without futher ado....old news:

So the weekend. Well I didn't even get through half of my to-do list. I got the biggest part done, I finally put away our camping gear. I even did it correctly, meaning I stored all our x-mas stuff, then our halloween stuff, then our Oktoberfest stuff away before cramming the camping gear back in. It was a bitch job but I'm glad I got it done - our living room is not quite the disaster area it was. That was about my only accomplishment. I did clean the kitchen but you can't tell after the last couple days. I did make cookies Friday night as planned but they didn't turn out that great. Well the cookies turned out ok but they were kind of spongy - they were made with splenda. I found out the next day that we did indeed have brown sugar kept in a place I would never look. Ah well.

The other big job I wanted to get done this weekend was open all our mail and sort through it all and begin to get our finances in order. Um yah I started it once and got this shooting pain in my head and just threw it all back in the big box I was using. I couldn't even get myself to look at it for the rest of the weekend. We also failed on getting a new air mattress for our bed in the spare room. The air mattress is smaller than most regular air mattresses which makes it next to impossible to find a replacement. I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna write a nasty letter to the company cause really the air mattress didn't 'pop' or spring a leak - one of the seams released leaving this huge bubble type pocket on the air mattress which as you may guess makes it very hard to sleep comfortably on.

I woke up this morning with a sore clavicle (collar bone - I just like to use the fancy pants version). I panicked for a moment or two since it's on my left side. I was almost afraid to take a deep breath in case I did any more damage to the ribs again. So far so good. I think I just slept on it funny. Story of my freakin' life eh?

Meh, enough about my 'issues', let's talk gossip instead. So T deleted her fb account this past weekend. I noticed she was missing on fb so I text her and she confirmed she deleted her account cause she only went on it to update her status and decided it was a waste. Fair enough but I think there's more to it. She's a bit of an attention whore so I find it really odd she would just up and delete her account. My theory is something happened as in someone less than desirable from her past contacted her account and she deleted it. She has a sordid past before she hooked up with J so who knows. My imagination could just be running away from me but the gut tells me that there's more to the story than she's saying. Who knows if I'll ever get it out of her since we no longer go swimming every week (she has to work Wednesday evenings).


So yah that was the old news. Not too much to report as of today. Besides fixing our laptop Keith also found an air mattress to fit into the spare bed so I get to sleep on a real bed tonight rather than the couch! I guess he really does love me! Heh. I kid. I found out the other day that it really bothered him that I was sleeping on the couch. (I should state that he would sleep on the couch but he goes to bed at 7 and as you know it's bright as day out & we have our bedroom windows blacked out for this purpose).

Tomorrow I'm heading to my old lady friend's after work. She's having her annual summer get together. Unfortunately not a lot of co-workers can make it. I feel bad for this lady cause she loves having us over and people always make a big deal about going but then as soon as we plan something suddenly everyone has 'other plans'. It's pissing me and my other co-worker off big time. But we will have a small group and it will be FUN just like last year. It also doesn't hurt that tomorrow is my Friday. Although I won't be staying up late partying cause I have a doctor's appointment Friday morn. I make the appointments early so I force myself to get out of the house and make the most of my day. I already have a list of things I want to do.

Mkay I think I will go and re-paint the old toe nails and watch one quick episode of Gilmore Girls - yup it's still my number one addiction!

9:33 p.m. - 2010-06-16


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