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Termination & Doctors - Happy Friday!

It is a beautiful day and I am feeling 'meh' right now. I just got back from the doctor which explains a lot but I also just found a termination notice for our hydro in our mailbox. The sad thing is we have the money to pay it we just really suck at paying bills. Keith gets so busy with work and lack of sleep while I tend to 'hide' the bills when cleaning up that neither of us remember to pay them. Since I'm hoping to take over the paying of the bills in our near future and come up with a system I hope we can avoid anything like this in our future.

As for the doctor's appointment. I went to go over my last blood test results. He told me I was 'better' but that he wanted to 'tighten' things up because of my age so he upped my meds again. Then to add insult to injury he had the nurse weigh me. I have never been weighed since I went there! Bastard. The weight was a few pounds less than I thought it would be which was a blessing but was nowhere near any kind of healthy range. So now when I see him in 3 1/2 months I had better be downs some poundage since he is now recording it. Motivation? You bet your sweet damn ass it is. Sigh.

I already knew that I have to start doing more in the evenings. I come home, we eat dinner and then veg in front of the tv. Around 7pm Keith starts yawning and looks so tired and about 7:30 he goes to bed and I come up with him for about half an hour and lay with him or rub his sore knee or some wifely thing like that then I leave the room and I feel tired just by association! So I go back to the basement and finish vegging for the next 2 hours or so. This is going to come to a stop. It is still light out when he goes to bed for goodness sake! I can still get out there, take a walk, pull some weeds (oh lord the weeds!) or even take a bike ride. I have to get out of the habit of scurrying back downstairs and wasting my evenings being inactive and not to mention missing all the beautiful weather in the evenings.

The fact that my blood results were 'better' is great. I was walking for about a month before my last blood test and I think that was part of my improvement. I have walked all week at lunch (well except today cause I'm off - woo!). I've been walking with my new UV top. It is awesome! The only complaint I have is that everyone has to comment on how I'm going to be 'too hot' as I leave the building. At first I was patient in my replies but now I snip at people as I walk by. I tell them it's a UV shirt and it feels lighter than wearing a t-shirt but it's protecting me. The collar is a tad annoying but I needed a shirt that protects my chest cause I already have 'old woman' skin on my cleavage and that does not need anymore sun.

Right now I am going to look up directions to our recycling facility and go and get us a new blue box - ours ran away during one of our last wind storms. Then I am going to drop off a bunch of clothing at a used store - I will try and avoid going in but you know it's still going to happen. Hmm, I can't remember if I have anything else on my to do list? I have to pack an overnight bag for the weekend but I have lots of time for that as Keith works tomorrow till like 3pm so I can prepare for our trip to my parents then.

I did call the hydro place and tell them a payment was made (it really was made yesterday) so I thankfully don't have to go there in person and make the payment.

Oh I also got some terrible news at work yesterday. Because of this whole G20 summit happening in T dot our head office is being impacted big time and the big wigs basically are letting as many people take vacation as they can and then on Thursday and Friday they are closing the office - in T dot only. Which means that all the district offices are picking up the slack - which means that my department was told yesterday that next week we are to drop all our work and go on phones ALL DAY every day next week....oh but if there is time then we can do our other work in between calls! Oh boy am I pissed. I Hate phones with a passion. I could go on and on but I will just say that next week is going to suck out loud for me and I am going to be one pissy employee. I even considered for a nano second asking my doctor to write me off for next week. Yes, it is stressing me out that much. It was on my mind while the nurse was taking my blood pressure and the results showed. I know if I just calm down and don't overthink this next week will be okay. I will take it one call at a time. But I just really resent the big wigs and how they are dictating what we are supposed to do.

Okay I HAVE to end this on a happier note. Let me think. Okay it's Friday. The sun is shining and it is going to be hot hot hot. And I have decided to treat myself to lunch at my favourite (economical) restaurant. And just to clinch ending this on a happy note, I will be seeing my little nephew this weekend. I miss that little pumpkin head!

10:32 a.m. - 2010-06-18


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