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Building Sandcastles

Hellooo? Helloooo? Is anyone here anymore? *crickets* Yup people sure are leaving this ol' d-land in a rush these days. I'm not usually the last to leave a party but in this case I think I may just end up staying here until the bouncers kick me out!

So this past weekend. In one word: FUN! S and I had a girls weekend. I alternated between freakin' excited and nervous about spending 3 solid days with S. I was a ninny. S and I had a wonderful time. Sure I may have wanted to clonk her head a few times - I can only hear so much about her recent fling and how 'bad ass' she is - oy vey seriously shut up already! Ahem, yup besides that, the whole weekend was gravy. We beached, we shopped, we ate, we drank (she drank a LOT) and most importantly we had fun. We are planning another girls weekend sometime in August - although I just looked at my calendar and um it is kind of booked solid in August - whoops. If I can convince her to leave on a Sunday and we come back on a Tuesday then it is doable. We'll see, we have some time to figure out the logistics.

This summer is zooming by fast! I can't believe every weekend is pretty much accounted for - if it weren't for the fact that I will be spending the time with family and friends and having fun I might feel a tad resentful! Although this weekend is so far looking clear of obligations - maybe I will finally get some serious book time. I have finally found a book that I am in to (actually this is my second since I last wrote my whiny entry about blah books). I took my current book (a J Weiner I believe) with me this weekend but didn't even get to crack it open. I think I only read a few pages of the magazine I brought along too! Although I did play in the sand and built half assed sand castles so that was fun.

The motel S and I stayed at turned out to be super awesome. It was old but very well kept. The beds were comfy and everything was clean and tidy. The pool was awesome - we had it all to ourselves the whole weekend! Although the last morning we were there it was overcast and cool - fast forward a few hours after we shopped and eventually drove home and the sun was shining back at home and it was humid as hell. Very funny mother nature.

Hm. I think that may be all I got right now. Time to go watch some Dr Who with the hubs. He is grabbing a snack - we ate a few hours ago and I am still so full that the thought of food makes me feel nauseous. Crazy man. Although I guess that's what happens when you work a physical job!

8:39 p.m. - 2010-07-20


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