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Yellow clearance signs are my weakness

You ever have those days where you think “hm, I’m looking kinda pretty today”. I’m kind of having one although it may have more to do with having clean hair than anything else. Yesterday I didn’t even change out of my pj’s. It was the perfect rain day – in the pj’s all day long, watching movies, reading books and not leaving the house. Yup it all would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that it wasn’t raining, in fact it was an absolutely gorgeous day that I wasted away inside the house. Can you tell I have regrets?

I was having a very blah day yesterday. I just felt ‘blah’. I didn’t want to watch tv (but I did), I didn’t want to read (but I did), I didn’t want to sleep (I didn’t), I wanted to do something....I wanted to do nothin’. Yup it was one of those days. If I was a teenager it would have been perfect.

Ah well, I guess we all need them sometime. Next time it happens though hopefully it will either be a) rainy or b) I will kick myself in the butt to get outside and do “something”.

I may also have been mourning the fact that I finished all seven seasons of my Gilmore girls on Friday evening. I sobbed like a baby even though it wasn’t really all that sad. I didn’t even go to bed all that late either – probably around 12. I am a huge procrastinator even when it comes to good things – I don’t want them to end so I don’t finish them – especially box sets.

Saturday I was up by 8:30 and out of bed by 9:30 – I’m a lounger. I finally started cleaning the house around 11 but then got a call from my mom to discuss the plans for this coming weekend. It turns out my parents can’t make it down which is okay as they have a lot on their plates and I will be seeing them that weekend anyway. My mom also told me that my sil was talking to them about having her baby baptised this weekend in the church before it gets torn down – this Sunday is the last service and then the building is being demo’d. Anywho the point of that was that I was the one who put the idea in sil’s head and I got not credit for it!!! My sil was saying how she had hoped to have baby D baptised when my parents were visiting them and then I said it was too bad sil couldn’t make it down for the last church service and baby D would be the last baby to be baptised in that church! So I guess she liked my idea. Not sure if it’s gonna happen though – my dad has the veto as he is the minister.

So I feel kind of like a kid for the first day of school today. I was super prepared for work. I picked out my outfit for today last night – okay I will admit that I actually have 4 of the 5 days outfits chosen! Plus I made my lunch last night and I put it in my brand spanken new lunch bag this morning. Of course I am also now bringing this same lunch bag back to the store today – the handle keeps opening – it’s a clip and the clip lets go – it’s my first day using it so that’s not cool. I will try and exchange it for a sturdier one. Although what can you expect for $10. Hey wait – 10 bucks is 10 bucks dangit! So yah I am super psyched for the next 2 weeks cause I will be at our reception desk all on my own (except for those pesky clients) and I can goof off and not have to worry about covering for any of my co-workers or about going on phones – awesome! Then after 2 weeks of this I am on vacay myself for 2 weeks! Sa-weet!

So besides my blah Sunday, I had a super Saturday! During my conversation with my mom, Keith text me and wanted to know if I wanted to go with him on his last few stops. So I said what the hell and threw on some clothes – thank goodness I didn’t shower first cause it was hot and nasty out and then it rained buckets on us! I had fun though. Keith was going to let me drive the truck (in the lot not on the roads) but by the time we were done the rain was pouring down and we decided another day. It was the first time in a long time that I just stood in the rain and didn’t worry about getting wet or that my hair or makeup would get ruined – I just enjoyed the shower for what it was. I think Keith thought I was crazy cause he told me to wait in the car while he did a few things and instead I stood outside with him – I was already drenched by then anyway and was actually enjoying the rain on my skin. Ah to dance naked in the rain eh?

Well that would have been a good line to end on but yah I have more to say this evening - lucky you!

On my drive home I had a guy get a little road rage-y with me. He was going super slow so when it was safe I passed him and as I did so I looked over at him - sure my face had the 'what the hell man it's rush hour and people want to get home look' but no one finger salute or anything rude like that. Well I guess my 'look' pissed him off cause he then proceeded to find the gas peddle, run a yellow light to stick behind me and follow me closely into a turning lane. Obviously he wasn't turning as he waited a second or two and revved out of there. Um okay. As my turning lane began to go - advance green - I glanced once again at him. Loser. Thankfully he didn't follow me anymore but man oh man some people need to chill.

This evening I searched the house everywhere for my receipt from the weekend for my lunch bag. I could not find that sucker anywhere. I then started to look for the tags that I cut off last night - nuthin'! Finally out of desperation I just headed to the store and told them I lost the receipt, showed them the faulty clip and asked to exchange it - no problem. Then I made the mistake of looking around at the yellow clearance signs everywhere. It was 50% off the last ticketed priced. OMG. At first I was all casual about it, looking here and there and then I found a shirt for S (probably Christmas) and then it was gloves off. I found an awesome sweater for me (for work in a beautiful blue), it was regularly $40 and I got it for $5! I also found 1 more work top (or going out cause it's cute) and 2 white tops cause I somehow threw all my others out but haven't replaced them. So let's see 5 tops and a box of hair dye (with root touch up included!) for $40. Not bad I say not bad. Plus! I finally got enough points to get my gift card! I can cash in my points, buy my frame (which is on sale for 3 more days!), and it will be mucho cheap! Yay!

Mkay I have to wrap this up - I have to finish collecting the garbage - woo - and then head to bed.

9:16 p.m. - 2010-07-26


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