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Out damn spot....out!

Help me scrub this red stuff off my hands please! My sil was on the laptop earlier and saw d-land in the internet cache. I've been deleting the history all week and forgot to last night - caught red handed. She asked me if I still blogged. Gulp. I don't even remember telling her that I did! I told her that I mostly just read them now - which isn't really a lie. I momentarily thought about locking up until they left but I'm a risk taker so I'll just have to be more careful before I log off the computer.

So my parents offered my brother and sil their van - for keeps. They just have to pay the transfer cost. I think my dad thinks I'll be upset cause he kept making comments to make it seem that my bro and sil would be making payments to them. I'm not upset - they have a kid and need it. My parents were going to get a new vehicle anyway. Now if they happened to have a few grand to help us get out of debt I wouldn't say no - they don't btw.

Little D is starting to teeth. The kid freaks the f*ck out at a drop of a hat lately. Plus he's fighting going to sleep. So he's cranky as hell plus his gums hurt and boy let me tell ya that kid can SCREAM. I feel bad for him but he really tries to avoid going to sleep when he is super tired. He screams and cries like we're trying to murder him. I'm hoping for his parents sake it's just a phase. We actually had to pull off the highway on our way home last night cause the kid got himself so worked up. It didn't help that both his mom and dad were out of his site and just his aunt and uncle were there trying to calm him.

Today we went to Cost-co. The guy at the checkout got pissy with us cause I was using my sil's card - they were buying stuff too and we could have put it together but we did seperate bills. I bought Keith a winter jacket for $40, a funky pillow for the futon, little D an outfit...and hmmmm... a bunch of other stuff that apparently added up to 100 bucks.

I'm getting kind of sad thinking that my vacation is almost over. I'm trying not to let myself dwell on it and just stay in the moment. I still have 3 more days. Tomorrow my sil and I with (with the babe) are probably going to the local pool for the afternoon. My bro is going to go and work with Keith and they anticipate it being a long day - probably until 5. We have plans to go out for dinner to a new restaurant that opened around the corner - we have no idea how good or bad it will be.

Saturday we've invited T and her guy as well as C and her guy for a bbq. Although C may be coming solo cause she's in a huge fight with her hubby. Although knowing her they will probably be lovey dovey Saturday eve - she is addicted to drama.

I should probably head to bed soon - it's just after midnight and the rest of the house is asleep. I anticipate little D will be waking up around 2am as he went to bed fairly early for him. This wouldn't be a bad thing except I'm on the couch till 4 when Keith gets up for work. I had a crappy sleep last night as I forgot my ear plugs and the ticking clocks bugged the crap out of me. When Keith came to get me (he's a gentleman and walks me to bed when he gets up) he asked me why I didn't remove the battery from the clock - um I never thought of it?

A'ight bed time!

11:50 p.m. - 2010-08-19


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