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I may need an assistant soon.....

Long weekend - ovah! Boo. But it was a great long weekend. Keith never did find his wallet (not so great). Saturday I did a whole lot of nuthin' which was absolute bliss. I watched tv, I read and lounged - wonderful. I went out with T to look at another wedding dress - I was surprised that the dress fit her like a glove and looked gorgeous on her. Of course she's not going to get it cause it's too much money - $900. Why try it on if you don't want to pay that much? We'll see what she ends up doing.

Saturday evening we invited T and her guy over spur of the moment for dinner and had a pretty good evening. Sunday S came down - it was a casual relaxing weekend. We played games, watched a lot of episodes of Rules of Engagement (such a funny show!) and ate and drank! S also gave me my b-day present early since I won't see her probably until October now. She gave me a beautiful bag that she got from the Art gallery where she works and it was filled with a photo album, a picture frame, a journal and a surf duck - very cool gift. The girl knows me well I'll give her that!

Today since everything was closed we decided to take a drive to a neighbouring town on the chance their movie store would be open so I could buy a game I had my eye on when Keith and I were there a month or so ago. It's Pay-day - a game from my teen years. I played that game all summer long - several summers in a row! This is an updated version but still awesome. We played when we got home before Keith had to go to bed and S had to leave. I also bought a pair of black boots - not from the movie store - it turned out most of the town was open since it's deemed a 'tourist' town.

Oh yah last night we also skyped with my bro and sil - very cool! The 5 of us video chatted - and since Keith has his new computer hooked up to our huge tv that's what we watched them on. Unfortunately the little one was sleeping but we all chatted for about an hour.

Mkay I am gonna finish up this laundry and then make my way to bed. It could be a while - our house turned into a disaster area. Although honestly I have a feeling I'm just gonna grab my book and ignore the mess. Tsk tsk I know.

Oh yah and the girls night at T's on my b-day weekend - cancelled! Turns out T also had something going on that weekend! Of course now it's just insane trying to find a weekend cause all of us have stuff planned for the next few months. The last date she suggested was a Tuesday in November but I'm pretty sure the date was a typo. And if it's the date I think she meant then I'm busy then too. In fact I'm busy 3 weekends out of 4 in November - maybe all 4 since S asked me about going to Niagara the one weekend I have free. Wow - who knew my schedule would pick up after summer? Not that I'm complaining!

9:05 p.m. - 2010-09-06


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