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Get me a barrel....I'm goin' over!

Well I am water logged but not from all the rain that fell this weekend but from some good hot tubbin' times with the hubby!

We didn't actually make it to the Falls until after 4 o'clock on Saturday. The poor hubs had a terrible day and got delayed at every stop. He wasn't in the best of moods when he got home but I kept it light and let him get ready while I packed the car. On the way there he confirmed how upset he was that we were leaving so late - I told him that it was what it was and we couldn't change the time we left but we could make the best of it. His mood changed big time after that and the rest of the weekend flowed.

Our room was Awesome. Probably the most we've ever paid for a room but I think it was worth it. The room was huge. Seriously huge. I even emailed C and suggested we have T's bachelorette party there - we could fit 8 girls comfortabely! More if we wanted to actual 'crowd' a little. So yah the hubs and I had plenty of room.

We ended up going out and shopping after we checked in. We headed to the outlet malls but only hit 2 stores - timex - where I bought a nice watch for a great price (I tried cheap and you get what you pay for). And also the body shop where I just bought a couple things - we actually meant to go back there today to grab some massage oil at a great price but forgot. We hit a few other stores not in the outlet mall and then around 8:30 finally headed for dinner. We were starving and the restaurant was packed but since it was our favourite we waited and had an awesome dinner there.

Once back at the hotel Keith was uber tired (he had been up since 4am) so we decided to just chill in the jacuzzi tub instead. Afterwards he headed to sleep while I stayed up and read till about 11:30. Of course as I was coming to bed he woke up with a leg cramp - poor guy.

Sunday we were up early - 7:30 - and after having a 'lay-in' we headed to the continental breakfast (which was actually quite good) and then to the swimming pool. We swam, hot tubbed and then headed back to the room where we plunked ourselves once more into the jacuzzi (had to get our monies worth!) and then had to do the quick pack up and get out!

We walked the strip for a bit and then went into the midway and got a crap load of tokens and played on the machines. I won quite a bit of tickets on a few machines so we actually walked out with semi decent prizes rather than the cheapest of the cheap toys. After we had lunch and then to the Her-shey store for a cookie for dessert (we split one) we finally found our way back to the car for the drive home. My passenger fell asleep on me on the way home but it was a beautiful drive as I got to take in the beauty of the fall colours. I just cannot get enough of them! I should just go and find a forest and talk a walk already shouldn't I?

Well it's almost 9:30 and I feel like it's midnight! So tired! I just washed the shirts I bought this weekend (second hand store) and cannot wait to wear a few of them this week. I bought 4 tops. I could have bought way more if I had more time and maybe if Keith wasn't with me. This second hand store was Awesome! There was great selection and variety (not the normal used tee's people donate - we're talking nice work clothes that were barely - if ever - worn!). LOVED IT! I am for sure going back there next time we visit the Falls!

Mkay time to post and head up to bed. I am freakin' tired and want to not look so tired tomorrow - my eyes have been puffy lately - and people have even been telling me how tired I look! Not cool. I don't have time to sit around with cucumbers on my eyes or what have you in the mornings so I guess getting a good nights rest is my only other option! G'night!

9:05 p.m. - 2010-10-03


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