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So tired. Head aches. Must go to bed - now. Luckily I wrote the below earier at work. Without further ado:

I seem to be coming off my high of this morning. I woke up tired but pushed through it brilliantly if I might add. I even woke up before my alarm went off! Okay it was only by one minute - but still. Last night was a late one for the hubs and I. Remember those tickets I won to see BNL? Yah the concert was last night. I went to the concert with no expectations. I didn't even let myself think about how the night would go. I left work an hour early (thanks to my wonderful boss) and went home and made some baccon! We were bringing our own sandwiches for the drive and were making clubs. Keith got home just in time to put them together (he likes that kind of thing). We were out the door before 5pm. The drive down was actually quite enjoyable. We somehow avoided all rush hour traffic - we took the back roads - and had a scenic drive all at the same time! We arrived at the fair grounds just after 6pm - awesome time! We walked around the grounds for a bit but then I noticed people were lining up to get into the venue so we quickly made our way to the line up. Our seats were for 'general seating' only which meant the grand stands (the other tickets were numbered tickets in front of the stage).

Anywho we sat first row on the grand stand dead centre! The seats were awesome and the music was even better! Man oh man can that group ever put on a show! They improvise and just have fun on stage - it's contagious. I walked out of that arena with a huge smile on my face. The rain even co-operated by stopping just in time for the concert (although we were technically covered by the roof) and then began just as we were leaving the concert! I got a little less sleep but it was so worth it. So MUCH FUN!

I was in a great mood this morning but now I seem to be hitting the wall. My head is a little fuzzy and I definitely want to lay my head on my desk and snooze for a bit!

I better be careful, there is a nasty cold going around the office and I don't want to get it because I'm run down! I'll probably go get a coffee but I'm trying to hold out until at least 2pm (It's only 1 now).

I desperately wanted to walk at lunch today but my ankle is not co-operating. I walked yesterday for the first time in months and felt great. But I may have overdone it. For some reason my left ankle is killing. It hurts to walk on. I wish I had a tensor bandage as I think a little bit more stability would help it feel better. I could probably go get one out of our first aid kit but then I'd have to fill out an incident report or something stupid like that. I may try and check to see if they have one when no one's in the lunch room.

So my new job seems to be going okay. Today is a little slow (of all days - when I'm tired!) so that's not cool. I'm supposed to be putting together my binder right now but that job is so boring it makes me want to lay my head down and sleep even more!

I'm wearing a sweater at my desk and I am SMILING big time. I LOVE being just a little bit chilly. It beats being too warm any day! Speaking of chilly last night both Keith and I were still chilled when we climbed into bed last night from sitting outside for a few hours. Maybe that's why I slept so well?

Mkay I'm gonna go and do something. Maybe...get a coffee?


So yah that as they say is that. I am off to bed cause these eyes are all but closed already!

10:08 p.m. - 2010-10-06


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