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I'm pretty sure the lovefest is over

All I can smell is turnip. The hubs prepped a turnip for tomorrow night's dinner (I'm making dinner so he's doing the prep work). Mkay let's go back a few days and talk about Oktoberfest shall we?

I managed to get rid of the 3 extra tickets I had - I tried to post an ad but my ad never came up - luckily a girl posted an ad looking for 3 tickets. I didn't even overcharge her even though most people were asking a lot of money for their tickets.

J and T were the first to show up which shocked me. Actually I had hoped to fit in a nap but that wasn't going to happen. S showed up about an hour or so later. By that time I was well on my way to drunk-ville. My new drink worked a little too well. S was nice enough to drive us all over. C and her hubby were already in line at the door so we chugged our travellers and headed inside. The venue was huge as expected but luckily we were able to find a place to sit quite easily. I still prefer the smaller venues though. The later it gets the more crazy the bigger venues get. I have to be honest I really don't remember the whole night all that well. I kept the polka buzz going the whole night and had a great time. We left the hall around midnight. Just like last year there were no cabs to be found. We ended up walking the whole way home - more than an hour walk - and me without a coat, just a short sleeved shirt on. Luckily it wasn't too cold that night. I stupidly didn't insist that we stop and get my sweater out of S's car. But in hindsight I am so glad for that walk. Around 3am I woke up and felt Terrible! I managed to bypass it and go back to sleep but I realized that if I hadn't had that hour long walk to sober me up I would have been WAY more miserable later on.

Another Oktoberfest under our belt.

That was about the end of the good times. I think it's safe to say my boss is no longer in love with me or rather I am no longer her favourite. Tuesday was a bad day. I found out the other 2 girls I work with had their flex plan reinstated. Not me. So I wrote a letter. I sent it to my manager and she got upset with me. There were a few things we disagreed about but I wasn't disrespectful in the letter. I changed a few things - mostly just elaborated on why I think my flex should not be cancelled and she sent it off. I didn't hear anything today and I'm not sure when I will hear anything. We did find out that they finally found us a new manager and she starts Monday. She's from 'the outside' so we've never met her.

Anywho this is my last flex day this Friday. Keith is also off. He text me early this week and told me to keep it free so we could do something. It's rare that he has both Friday and Saturday off so we're pretty psyched. We decided to go to the Science Centre and make it an 'event' by staying the night in T dot and having some fun this weekend. We definitely need to blow off some steam. In the grand scheme of things the cancellation of my flex is a small thing but it was a small thing that made me VERY happy.

8:41 p.m. - 2010-10-20


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