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Taking a breather

I wrote this this morning when I was pretty much brain dead:

Coffee break is in 20 minutes and let me tell you I am counting down the seconds. It is definitely going to be a 2 coffee day Ė maybe even 3 weíll see.

So I imagine you are pretty confident I have been caught in the nanowrimo throes of passion this past month. You would be semi correct. Yes every spare moment in which I Ďfeltí like writing thatís where Iíve been. See how I did that? Not every spare moment have I been writing Ė every spare moment I Ďfeltí like it! Yah so Iím a wee bit behind on the olí novel. I think I reached just over 25,000 words last night Ė just half way and uh not that many days left.

I am enjoying my story more this year but I wonít lie and say itís been easy. Sometimes I feel like Iím just writing words to get a word count and not feeling them like I should. Hm I think my head is swimming. I really should have gone to bed earlier. Of course the writing bug got me last night around 9:30 and I didnít stop till 11:30 at which time I then went upstairs to bed and stayed up watching tv till 12:30. Stupid me. Especially since I had even less sleep the night before.

The night before Ė Saturday Ė was the bridal girlsí get together (finally). It was kind of anti-climatic. C had a migraine of sorts so was even more out of sorts than normal (she doesnít drink and people who drink around her seem to annoy her). Another girl had been out partying the night before so she managed to stay awake a full hour after getting there and then crashed on the couch for the rest of the evening. I had a good time. I made my special seabreeze drinks and they went down nice and smooth. Tís guy drove a couple of us home so I didnít have to worry about cabbing etc.

I got home and Keith was still awake. By that time my stomach was upset Ė no dinner plus crappy junk food while drinking will do that. So I had a pb sandwich and felt perfect. I crashed in record time but was up insanely early for some stupid reason. I did not leave the house yesterday. I even managed to clean it! I finally mopped the floors which has been bugging me for way too long. The kitchen is no longer a tripping hazard with boxes and totes and random cans of food cluttering the floor. I did mean to get the x-mas totes out but by that time my energy was zapped and I didnít have it in me to fight the storage room. Keith was no help as he has got the dreaded common cold. Heís at the runny nose stage. So far I havenít got it yet and thatís the way I want to keep it! It would probably help if I got some more sleep to fight off the bad germs!

I finally hung out with T one-on-one on Friday as well. We started out by doing breakfast and then went shopping for the day. Although I kind of feel she may have had an ulterior motive Ė bridesmaid dress shopping. We ended up buying 3 bridesmaid dresses for the girls at Se@rs of all places. They are quite pretty. They are purple with some pink glitter Ė empire waist style. Of course, the dress didnít come in my size and we couldnít find one for me. Nothing makes a girl feel worse than not fitting in to a bridesmaid dress Ė aka party dress from Se@rs! So weíll now be on the hunt for my dress Ė oh joy. Her wedding is 9.5 months away but she feels the need to get every detail out of the way now.

So yah, besides that lovely hour and a half time out in our day it was a fun day. Oh yah did I mention their dresses were only $40 each? Insane! I can only imagine how much the one I want/fit into will cost! I have visions of buying a $200 dress to appease T and not fitting in it by August (cause seriously if I am this weight come August Iím sure my doctor will just write me off for good). I could try and put her off for a few months but the girl doesnít sleep at night cause sheís up worrying about the wedding. Sigh.

Iím sure thereís been more going on, but with my foggy mind I havenít a clue! It is both crappy and warm out right now. But they are calling for snow by the end of the week.

Is it wrong that I keep checking my word count while writing this entry? Alright I think itís close enough to coffee time.

See you in December!

8:04 p.m. - 2010-11-22


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