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I didnít post all week BUT I have been writing entries Ė how do you like Ďdem apples?! So rather than ditch my musings I am tying them all together in what I call the Weekly Wrap Up!


Monday is kicking my already bruised ass! I slept like shat last night. We got home from the famís around 11:15pm (WAY past bedtime) and Keith was wired (probably from the large hot chocolate he had on our drive home) and I was dead tired. But instead of sleeping I tossed and turned and went to the dark place in my head that gives voice to all those dark emotions and insecurities you have that normally you can brush off but once in a while they call to you and you end up thinking...unpleasant thoughts. I realize Iím being extremely ambiguous but thatís on purpose. Needless to say I was awake when the hubby came to bed at 1:30am and I was not only upset with him for this (the lateness) but I was also still battling my demons and instead of finding solace that he was now beside me it made me even for antsy.

So letís see Ė I wake up beyond tired after a restless nightís sleep, I break the zipper on my new purse I bought in December in Toronto (so no returning it), I open my email at work to find out that myself and another co-worker will be on phones ALL day. Phones are a part of my job but we havenít had to go on them due to the fact we were new but I guess thatís all over with now! Rather than ease us in gently the powers-that-be are throwing us to the wolves. Stupid mother f*ckers. This place KILLS me with shit like this. They are so f*ckin customer oriented but they donít give their gd employees the tools they need to actually provide the customer service. Seriously they are f*cked. (Ha I just looked in the mirror and thought my mascara smudged underneath my eye Ė nope dark circles!!)
I also went to bed even later last night cause I am going out of my mind looking for my wallet! A while back (a month or so) I switched wallets so I could use my new purse (itís smaller so my big wallet didnít fit so well). I switched over a few cards and my licence etc but left everything else in and now I cannot find the damn wallet. If you have learned anything about me in all this time itís that I obsess over whatever it is I lost until it becomes....well an obsession. It is literally the ONLY thing I will think about ALL the time. Keith is supposedly cleaning the house today (clutter!) and hopes to come across it but I really donít have that expectation. I cannot remember if I switched out wallets in the living room (dark hole #1) or in our bedroom (dark hole #2). My memory will not go back that far plus Iíve done it umpteen times with other wallets that my memories keep getting mixed up.

I just found out that Tís father in law to be decided not to co-sign for them. They are now awaiting word from the finance people whether they are pre-approved or not. C is still in awe (and not in a good way) that they put an offer on a house without having the pre-approval in their hands. Iím not all that surprised.

The weather people are going on about a Ďsnow stormí and my office is now sending out emails about emergency protocols about what to do if the office is closed or what have you. Let me first say this, my office has NEVER closed due to snow. Skeletal staff yes Ė but closures no. Donít get me wrong I would love an office closure but I ainít holding my breath.
Our bathroom renovation is complete. Giant ass medicine cabinet and all. This thing is HUGE. We have a ton of extra shelf space Ė we even have empty shelves at this moment! But one thing I did not take into consideration with getting a mirror this big was much more of my body is in Ďviewí when I am shuttling back and forth to the bathroom sans clothes. Good Lord itís like a fun house mirror every time I catch a glimpse of myself. That cannot be my body.


I went to the drug store for one thing and walked out thing. Huh. Iím not sure if that has ever happened. I guess thatís what happens when you are watching your money flow. It is interesting to see how my spending habits have evolved since after Christmas when Keith became unemployed. I didnít spend a ton of money before but I also didnít take notice of the nickel and diming that was going on. I wonít lie Ė I miss spending money. But at the same time I was spending needlessly especially when I was shopping to fill a void (or not think about my problems). I did almost buy teeth whitener cause looking at pics from a few years ago my teeth were WAY whiter (and yes I did use the strips then). But I decided to put it on hold until we head to Wally world where I know the kits will be half the price of this store. I will probably hold off buying it until I have the overwhelming urge to spend money Ė at least Iíll be spending it on something that I WANT rather than junk that will take up room in my house or closet!
Iíve exercised for the last 3 days. Not willingly either I should add. The hubby has Ďmadeí me do it. Yes made me it. I came home on Monday in a cranky mood cause of work and he then informed me he set up the Wii with the board and cleaned the basement so I could work out again like I wanted. I told him I would start on Monday and he remembered! Every day I come home and he has the board out with the remote sitting on it along with a bottle of water. Heís so damn cute. Too bad I donít appreciate it as much as I should. The Ďgameí I am working out with is frustrating me. Last year I worked out with My Personal Trainer and it had a LOT of flaws so I was happy when I saw MPT 2. The hubby bought it for me on Monday (bargain bin for $10). Seeing it cost that little is probably not a good sign. The game is totally different from the first one. Like you wouldnít even know they were connected. The screens take some navigating and on Tuesday I couldnít find the regular work out and had to an Ďexpress oneí instead. Although right now there is not much difference between the regular and express Ė they are both very short. Iím talking like 20 minutes and thatís being generous. I go through 8 exercises with varying reps and thatís it. Iím going to keep going with it but will have to add other stuff until the game decides to move me up a level at which point I hope the workouts get harder and longer. But to be fair my body has been a little sore (doing the plank kills!) and yesterday my leg cramped while doing a bridge so I looked quite pathetic to my trainer.

So this weekend my friend S is supposed to come into town with her boy toy. Part of me is excited to see her the other just wanted a quiet weekend to recuperate from the last 3. But I guess it will get our house clean. The hubby has slacking for lack of a better word. And yes I feel terrible saying that. He makes all 3 of my meals every day and does all the dishes. But I feel that his zest for reorganizing since heís been off has diminished. I canít say I would be any better. I normally look around think about what I should be doing then immediately grab a book or turn on the tv. But with company coming on Saturday Keith will be forced to start putting in some elbow grease and having us see results. Just the half hour I worked out yesterday did wonders for our living room!

I need a new bra. And I WILL spend money on that. Ever since my favourite bra bit the dust I have been floundering with my other bras and they are just not pulling their weight - heh! Luckily I think I have a coupon for my favourite (and only) store I buy bras at. Must look into that ASAP. Can you tell Iím wearing an uncomfortable one right this minute?

So according to FB my bil and sil (Keithís brother) are getting divorced. Ah yes nothing better than to air your dirty laundry on FB. She has these long conversations on her wall which mean any and all can read them with people (mostly men Iíve noticed) about how unhappy she is and mean and horrible he is and these men are telling her to leave him cause sheís so much better than that and sheís too beautiful to not be single. Me thinks these men have an ulterior motive. It doesnít help my sil is trying to break into a modeling career and going about it by posing in skimpy clothes and was even a Sunshine Girl not too long ago. For his part my bil has been staying mum on the issue so bravo to him.


Er yah this is probably long enough so I should just add that I did find my wallet on Monday night after tearing our room apart. Now I am on the quest to find my house keys Ė ah yes if itís not one thing itís another!
I put books on our bookshelves last night. These shelves have been up for years but never with books on them. What a novel idea Ė pardon the pun. It is weird though walking in the living room and seeing my books out for all to ogle! Iím curious to see the state of the house tonight when I come home as I imagine the push will be on to get it company ready.

Today is Cís birthday. I reminded T of this and she sent ME a text wishing me a happy birthday. Yah Ė sheís blonde why do you ask? They have another co-signer so things are once again looking up Ė thankfully Ė cause seriously they have to be out of their house in less than 2 months!


1:15 p.m. - 2011-02-04


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