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Warm those legs baby!

Well I would like to say that I didnít update all weekend cause I was so busy being productive but that would be a big fat lie. As much as I hate getting up early and going to work every day, without this routine I doubt I would leave my house until summer hit and then only to sit outside in the sun/shade and read all day!

Part of me feels like I wasted my 3 day weekend. I will recap the weekend and then come to the decision of whether or not my weekend was wasted ok?

Friday. Friday I got up with an alarm and went to my doctorís appointment. It was for the girly exam. My doctor walked into the room as I was sitting on the paper sheeted bed thingy and asked how I was, I told him I would be better in 10 minutes. I just needed him to know that I hated it as much as he did! It was over fairly quickly. I picked up my new prescription for birth control (Iíll try not to throw away 3 packs this time) and then headed home. Well first I made a few stops to pick up a cake for a co-worker. I stopped at home, picked up Keith and we went downtown so he could attend an interview at a temp agency but we were early so we went for a coffee and joined the retirees and sat and drank our bevies while killing time. I then dropped him off at his appointment and went down the street to my work place and got asked a thousand times what I was doing there on my day off (to say goodbye to a co-worker as it was his last day). I stayed until Keith text me then we went and did lunch at the Mon-grolian Grill where I should have had the lunch quicky instead of paying regular price Ė will I never learn?

Then I think we did some shopping and such and finally got home around 3 or so. Then the weekend kind of becomes a blur. Keith went to bed early as he was working for a friend doing his old job just for one day. I caught up on my recorded programs but mysteriously went to bed at 2am (oops). Saturday after Keith napped we headed out to drop off some bread at a Korean market (p-u it stank!) then we visited a new wally world where I bought some licorice and a super awesome drinking cup for this summer Ė it is so cool! Yah I get this excited about a cup! Maybe Iíll buy one for T as a house warming gift. Hm Ė maybe I will since I canít think of anything to get them. They move in 2 days!

That evening we picked up a pizza and stayed up way too late (stupid daylight savings time!) and then of course woke up way late on Sunday. Sunday was a total waste of a day. I watched way too much of that Sister Wives show on TLC but somehow managed to get 2 loads of laundry done in between commercials!

So that was my weekend in a big nutshell. Looking back I wish I had got more done but I guess overall it wasn't as big a waste as I first imagined. But there was definitely room for improvement! C'mon nice weather - motivate me!

So I started writing an entry last week - just a paragraph but obviously it never made it to post - so I'm posting it now - it's sad and I'm really not sure why I Want to remember it but I just do....

I really need to turn this day around. I have a pounding headache that I am finally breaking down and taking pills for right now. Iím not sure if itís due to getting less sleep than normal or waking up sobbing this morning from a bad dream. I dreamt that my mom died. Iím not sure of the how etc. I just know I was avoiding going home and seeing my dad and all of my momís stuff. Ironically I was talking to my momís spirit in the dream and she was sitting on a bed holding a photo album and telling me to remind my dad of such and such a time and I remember it so vividly Ė it was at that point in the dream that I realized she was really gone and began to sob that I didnít want to say good-bye. I literally woke myself up making that keening sound when something hurts so bad. I had tears streaming down my cheeks and my nose was stuffed. The more I thought of the dream the harder I wanted to cry. I got myself under control and then when Keith woke up a few minutes later Ė I may have still been sniffling and trying to cuddle into him he asked me what was wrong and the floodgates opened again. Even if I allow myself to think about that moment of my mom on the bed I can feel my eyes tear up Ė even now. So yah I guess it would be appropriate to say that today I feel fragile. Vulnerable.


So that's that. Tonight we went out for dinner using our 2-for-1 coupon and then went and did a bit of grocery shopping, to the dollar store (I bought leg warmers!) and then finally home. I'm going through my user manual for mp3 player trying to find out how to actually utilize all the functions - only what 3 years after I bought the thing?

Soon it will be bed though cause losing an hour of sleep is so not cool.

9:54 p.m. - 2011-03-14


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