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Guilty as charged

I'm buying water and batteries and getting ready for the 'storm of the century' or as I like to call it 10cm of snow. Feh. I Love when weather people blow things out of proportion. Unless my office is going to close then I don't want to hear about it.

The hubs and I were watching Man vs Food after work and Adam was in our favourite restaurant in the Falls!!! Well then of course we (really meaning me) wanted to go there NOW. That's obviously not possible BUT I did hop online half an hour ago and checked hotel prices for the fun of it. I found a super cheap rate at a decent hotel (we've never stayed at it so I can't be 100% confident) but it was less than $70 so what the hell. It's right across from the Outlet Centre (woohoo!). Of course I won't be spending money there - unless you know there's some super awesome deals.

So needless to say we are heading there this Friday (my flex day) after my massage. I considered cancelling the massage but nah let's go there nice and relaxed and have an excellent weekend. We are using our rolled money which we call our 'fun' money.

Hopefully the 'storm' will have passed by then and we'll just be dealing with the cold which hello we're used to!

I went for a walk after work - I love my walks! I keep wanting to break out dancing while listening to my fave songs on the pod. And when I say dancing I mean that crazy 80s bad dancing that just looks bad! But I can't help it - I want to bop with you baby all night long....bebop baby to the break of dawn! Ahem. Anyway.

I am SO going to bed early. Every night I say this and every night I fail. Then when my alarm goes off in the morning I curse myself for not going to bed earlier. Vicious vicious circle.

My new guilty pleasure to watch on tv is that Sister Wives show. Seriously. At first I was all repulsed and just watched to find out how wrong these people were. Now? Now I am enjoying it. The women are all different and it's interesting to watch the dynamics. So yah there ya have it - my guilty tv viewing.

Did I mention how forward I'm looking to this weekend? I had grand plans on cleaning out the room in the basement but we all know that wouldn't happen anyway. I miss going away for our weekend trips. Of course I miss going away for our week long vacations but that will come in time. For now - mini vacay here I come!!! (Um in 3 days - I know I have to go to work for 2 more days!).

Hm I wonder if T will skip out on swimming tomorrow night what with all the snow and crappy weather we're expecting and her half hour drive home now? Find out tomorrow I guess! Nite!

9:37 p.m. - 2011-03-22


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