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Am I the worst MOH ever? Maybe.

I am in the throes of jealousy at the moment. My cube-mate booked a trip to the Dominican 2 days ago. She leaves this Saturday. Jealous! I have no idea when Keith and I will be able to afford to go on a trip like that again. His Specialist appointment couldn’t come fast enough (this month finally!). I took the day off so I can go with him. I need answers and enough with finding out stuff through him second hand. Plus I can be the pushy wife who inquires about going to different hospitals for the surgery or finding out if he can get on a cancellation list etc. There’s no reason for him not to go on one. He doesn’t have steady employment that he cares about and the sooner we get him fixed the sooner we can have him recovering and the sooner he can look for a better paying job with less limitations cause of his knee. Sigh. Some days I’m optimistic about our future....other days....not so much.

It probably doesn’t help my outlook that I am upset with Bride Zilla (T’s new name for a while). There’s whole nonsense going on about getting our hair done this weekend for a practice run.....and yes the wedding is still SIX months away. She’s trying to get it done for wait I forgot we’d be paying this girl $40 for it. First off my hair is WAY too short to play with now. Second Bride Zilla has now planned this ‘hair time’ the same day as the Syrup festival after specifically telling me she wouldn’t do it cause she’d be putting a time frame on our time at the festival. The festival is over at 4 so I’m not sure why she didn’t just tell her SIL that time. But even worse is the fact that the hubs and I now have the issue of what to do about transportation.

You see T lives about 40 minutes from me. The Syrup Festival is about 25 minutes from me – but with the insane tourism traffic it will take Keith and I over an hour to get into town. Which means over an hour trying to leave the city as well. So either I have to drive Keith home and then go back to T’s which is probably going to be like 90 minutes (being conservative) of travel time OR I take Keith to Bride Zilla’s to sit and watch me get my hair done...or try to be done. Yah he flat out refused that option.

I was feeling iffy about it but I was still willing to do it when I text Bride Zilla yesterday to let her know my dilemma. She flat out ignored my text. I text her 2 other times about different things – ignored. Oh so we’re playing that way are we? She told me Wednesday night that when J text’s her and she’s not happy about it she ignores his text and doesn’t answer him. UM....maybe you shouldn’t have told me that cause that just makes me get pissed off at you!

SO here’s my plan! I will NOT text her until she texts me. I WILL meet up with her at the Syrup festival as previously arranged. I will not leave the Festival early if I know C is coming (holy rude!) AND I will drive Keith home once the Festival is done with the promise of driving back to her place. But you know me right? You know I’m more evil than most people in my life realize. I plan on taking my sweet ass time going home and if it so happens that I’ve been sitting in traffic for over an hour and I get home super late then I will just TEXT and cancel. This visit is more for her (the bride) than me. And I won't have to sit and watch these girls get drunk cause I can’t drink and drive (especially being on meds – one drink and I get looped).

OF course we all know I’m full of shit and will probably bow to the will of Bride Zilla and still make the almost 2-hour haul back and forth to sit and watch her drink and get her hair done. Was I born with the word sucker on my head that only friends can see?

AND in non-bitchy news I woke up with an upset tummy this morning. I was kind of urpy going to bed but I didn’t think I’d wake up feeling ill. I thought about calling in sick BUT since it is April 1st I thought nobody would believe me! I reset my alarm for 30 minutes later and did feel better once I got up.

15 minutes til lunch. I probably shouldn’t have had that muffin. I am nowhere near hungry. I will probably take my walk before lunch in that case. Yesterday was crazy – men must have had Spring fever! I was hit on twice. And I don’t get hit on. I got an offer to wrestle...okay I told the guy he would have to wrestle me for my coffee and he said it might be fun and then gave me ‘that’ look. Dude, the guy was old! Then another guy walked by me and did that double take thing and actually whistled and called me beautiful. Mkay then. I think these men were in the throes of Spring Fever. That or I just got it going on (snaps fingers!). Heh. I’m sure my walk today will be much more tame.

Back from my walk. Okay I actually went shopping. I bought little D an easter present (a rabbit that clucks) and 10 pkg’s of thank you cards for T’s bridal shower. They were 10 cents each so I couldn’t resist – even when I’m mad at her I’m doing stuff for her wedding!

I told C my game plan for tomorrow and she is all for it. Of course C is WAY bitchier than me.

While I was out shopping there was a moment where I thought me and a woman in a mobility device were going to have words. She was next in line (2 tellers open) and a 3rd teller opened up and asked if they could help the next person in line. She didn’t hear her so the woman behind her went, nobody moved so I side stepped to the left and was next in line at the new teller. Well this woman in her scooter got on her cell phone and bitched about us like it was nobody’s business. I’m really not sure if I was included in the ‘how RUDE people are these days’ spiel or not but I’ll just assume I was. Of course the old lady in front of me – totally oblivious – or else she’s a great actress. I just stood there smiling. If she said ONE word to me I probably would have ended up having a yelling match and she most likely would have run me over. This woman was a Bitch with a huge capital B. I’ve been on the other side too and know how upsetting it can be but c’mon either speak up or shut up. She was obviously not a shy woman – she was cussing people out in the store just for walking by her. OH and her ‘mobility device’ could not have fit down the 3rd teller’s aisle and that is a solid fact. She probably would have cussed out the store for having a small aisle. As it was the store manager was serving her and he was working extra fast to push her through while she bitched about the ‘incident’ the whole time!

So yah - now it's the evening - it's officially the weekend. I went for my walk after work - a little later than planned cause the hubby and I got to talking about our day. Which then led to me having my blood sugar drop too much on my walk and I felt BAD. It's probably the worse I ever felt. I was only like 2 minutes from home but my legs almost got to the point where they were refusing to move. Blah. I should start bringing a piece of candy or fruit to carry with me in case of times like these.

Alright Keith is waiting for me upstairs. Lucky me - I get to rub his sore legs! He is so rubbing my back tonight - pay back buddy!

I wonder how tomorrow will go? Hm.

9:35 p.m. - 2011-04-01


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