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What do you mean we're not made of money??

Wow has it really been that long since I updated? Hm I think I 'talk' to myself so much I feel like I update more often. Or um something like that.

I was on a tangent though a few days ago so you're probably lucky I didn't write about it here - like I'm about to now. At least now you'll get the condensed version. Basically T's guy is an idiot. After helping him to plan T's surprise party for this coming weekend he blew me off and told me that his brother would decorate and get stuff ready instead. Oh he didn't do this in a mean way he thought he was helping me out since I had to be at my sil's baby shower. Except for the fact the shower is on the way to his place which is why this worked out so well. He just Didn't Listen. So basically I shot him off a pissy email saying if that's what he wanted then it was fine by me. He never responded. Ah but it gets better. Yesterday he sent C an email asking HER to set up!!!! WTF! Yah he basically realized he pissed me off and didn't want to come crawling back. C and I talked about it, then she sent him an email telling him that on Saturday her, myself and Keith would go to their house set up and Keith would stay to greet people while I went to my shower and C went home. J has since called himself an idiot to me and her. Oh I will be razzing him when I see him on Saturday be sure of that! Um so yah that's my tangent in a nutshell!

In other news this past weekend was Awesome. We had Super weather. On Saturday I got to do my favourite past time of all and sit out on my front deck with a good book. The joys in life. On Sunday we woke up to a thunderstorm which I was happy about since we had indoor stuff to do. We began to clean out our storage space - going through all the boxes and totes. Unfortunately around 3 the sun came out in full force and seduced me back outside. I abandoned the totes and boxes and ran outside with my book! What can I say? I'm easy!

Today was my flex day. I had to move it from Friday to today - for my co-worker who took that last minute vacation! But it worked out well since I went with Keith to his specialist appointment for his knee. The appointment took like 10 minutes. He is going to get his knee scoped and stuff cut-a-way and they see how much damage there really is. This should happen this summer. The doctor said if we don't hear from his office in a month or two to contact them. Um no. I will call in 2 weeks and then in another 2 weeks and so on. Yah I may piss them off but we fell through the cracks once already it ain't gonna happen again!

So after 20 minutes of our scheduled day was done then we had to figure out what the heck we'd do for the rest of the day! First things first we headed off to get me a coffee! Fast forward to 7 hours later and we finally arrived back home! Oh what did we do in between that time? Spent our live savings or so it would seem! Yah we shopped and then some. We hit up a dollar store first (started slow and easy) then Zellers where I bought a top for $10. After. we um went to more stores. I finally found the black tank tops I was looking for (harder than it seems when you're looking for particular cuts and styles). The shirts are for the bachelorette party for the bridal party. Man after all this looking my project better work! Thankfully the shirts only cost me $4 each - well except for mine which is different and cost $12 heh. I told Keith I will continue to look for the same tank top in my size and if I find it I will use the one I bought today for work since it's so nice. That was really my plan all along but shhhhh.

I don't know but after that we must have went crazy cause we just kept shopping and shopping. Soil, a beach chair (for me), a heavy duty camping chair (b-day present), purple bling flip flops for my made of honour dress, white bling flip flops for T, $15 worth of seeds for our spring garden - flowers and veggies, a black pair of shorts and um yah odds and sods that tallied up to a small fortune! Oh and we also had lunch at this small obscure burger place we happened to catch on tv - an expose by a local tv station. It was hard to find but worth it! Yum! My only regret was not getting bacon on it - I totally missed the bacon when I was checking what items I wanted on my burger!

Oh and um I'm considering playing hooky tomorrow! I know right? The temp agency hadn't left a message for Keith so he's not going in tomorrow and well I was thinking that last week was such a hell week that it may be nice not to go in for 2 work days in a row. My other co-worker who was with me last week is off all next week so I'm kind of justifying it that way. We'll see what really happens though. Normally I have to over-think it and then have a terrible night sleep just to feel um less guilty about calling in in the morning. Sigh. Damn conscience!

Mkay I am going to go do a little journal readin' and then it'll be time for bed. Where in the hell did this day go? Oh right we spent our way through it!

9:26 p.m. - 2011-04-12


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