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2 cranky pants people = less fun times.

Ok maybe I should just go and hibernate for a while until my PMS has reigned itself in somewhat. What a Frickin' Week. Maybe I should have checked my horoscope at the beginning of this week and I am 100% certain it would have said something about 'be prepared for confrontation both in your work life and personal'. Or you know something along those lines.

Let me just finish up some old business first by stating that the hubs and I did go to the Falls. We had a great drive down, arrived at our hotel in good time only to find reservation. They asked me for a confirmation number. Nope didn't have one cause I didn't get one. I didn't even print out the email from the guy I was dealing with. Hell I didn't even remember his full name, just "Scott". Luckily one of the guys new this "Scott" and told us he worked at the OTHER hotel by the same name that was located 2 blocks from the Falls. So somewhat puzzled we drove there and gave our name reservation! Luckily Scott was there and got us booked in as promised in a jacuzzi suite. It was only as we got to our room did I begin to piece all our emails together - how both of us were not really understanding one another - we were talking about 2 totally different hotels! Is this how easy it is to get a free night at a hotel? I mean obviously he didn't check that I stayed at the hotel but gave me a free night anyway. Anywho the room was great and we did take advantage of the huge jacuzzi tub. I got to utilize my VV coupon for 30% off and got some rad new tops. We ate at our favourite place and we walked the Strip during the night hours. We left Sunday tired (both) and sick (one of us). Keith had a cold.

I went into work Monday somewhat anxious cause I didn't know how things would go down. My boss told me I was going which was good. I worked for the morning then left to volunteer for the afternoon.

On Tuesday I went in still not sure if I was volunteering for the second day as well. Turns out - No. That was the one word my boss said to me when I walked in the door to her office - just "No". Then as I stood there puzzled she continued on and said I wouldn't be volunteering that day. I told her that they didn't have anyone to replace me and the other person going had asked me for a drive. It didn't move her. Then in a move that is unprecedented by me I didn't walk away and bitch under my breath instead I stood my ground and told her that I rarely volunteer and when I do it's only for things I'm passionate about. I told her that I was upset the way she handled things by trying to get me removed from volunteering without even discussing it with me and that I had left on Friday upset with it all. Then I tacked on that I wouldn't be volunteering for anymore events. She just sort of nodded and I walked away. I know I stunned her cause I NEVER do that. I avoid conflict at ALL costs. Things were a bit tense for the next day or so. I wasn't my cheery good natured self....with her. But I'm not one to hold grudges so I'm sure things will return to pretty much normal soon. Oh but I won't be volunteering again that you can count on.

Hm let's see what else is going on? Oh yah S called on Monday and said she would be in town for her guy's gig. I was all set to play the sick card when she came in cause I really didn't want to go out on a work night and stay out super late. S came in along with our other friend Mina. In another unprecedented move I decided what the hell and after feeding the girls some dinner the 3 of us headed out for the night. We were early (bands never start on time) so headed over to Sbucks where we were treated like royalty! The guy working upgraded all our drinks for free and then proceeded to give us free drinks 'to sample'. We finally made our way back to the bar where we were nice and buzzed on caffeine. I'm not gonna lie, the bar was...dead. Including us there was like 10 people and most of that was family of the opening act. The music was pretty decent though. Although S's guy has this habit of 'making it hurt' when he sings which isn't a good look for many people.

S and I sort of buried the hatch about the long weekend and her lack of camping. She apologized and told me it was due to her guy playing Saturday night. Mina totally called her on it though and asked why S didn't just camp anyway and then pick her guy up late Saturday night. But as it turns out S goes to EVERY single show he plays. Basicall they are inseperable right now. Although from his body language when she was hugging him after the show he's either not into PDA or um not as infatuated with her as she is with him. Time will tell.

Last night Keith and I headed out to eat at a Mexican restaurant about half an hour away in honour of Cinco de Mayo. Turns out...the restaurant had shut down since we last drove by a few months ago. We then proceeded to drive around and an hour later we were at a more Tex then Mexican restaurant but meh it was close enough. I had some super sweet margarita shots that I couldn't finish and I walked out of there with my belly hurting. Too many free nachos!

Now that brings us to today's conflict! Earlier this week T asked me if I had Friday off and if so did I want to go shopping in a town about an hour away with her and her mom. I said sure! After that convo I didn't hear from her at all. So last night before we went out to dinner I broke down and text her asking her what the plan was. She was quite evasive or I guess a better description would be wishy-washy. Her mom was coming to her place "whenever" and then they would swing by and pick me up on their way. I had no time frame whatsoever but I was still game. In fact I was looking forward to hanging out with them. Cut to this morning as I sat on my bed in my pj's with my phone beside me waiting for the call. After a false text (from Keith thinking he was being funny) she finally text me at 11:50. Guess what the text said? No? Okay I'll just tell you. It said, "Turns out we can take the back way to S-town and won't need to go through K-town so if you want you can drive there and meet us."

I was literally stunned. I just sat there and stared at the text. She wanted me to drive an hour by myself to meet her and her mom 'somewhere' in S town to 'hang out' and shop for however long. Fun girls day!!! So I finally text back "Haha um no thx". 45 minutes later she text back with one of those stupid smiley faces saying I figured you wouldn't want to - have fun cleaning! (I told her the other day I would be cleaning the mess in the basement this wknd). I stewed about that text for a while and was going to let it go but then I decided that she really did have no clue about how upset I was. So I typed something along the lines of 'I would have rather shopped then clean and ...yah I can't remember the rest. But it wasn't bitchy at all cause I just can't be a bitch over text or so it seems.

So instead I opened up my email and sent this long ass email to C telling her the whole story and how upset and pissed I was at T. Well within minutes my phone was dinging, my home phone was ringing and I was getting emails. As it turned out C had sent T an email asking her what she had done to make me so upset? Then It Was On. Hello confrontation!!!

Yah what followed was almost funny except that I was in the middle of it and I hate conflict. C was telling me not to back down. T was demanding I call her and talk. Finally I called after getting off the phone with C. T couldn't understand why I was upset. I tried explaining that yah I was upset with the whole drive yourself thing and contrary to what she thought it wasn't a 20 minute drive to S-town but rather almost an hour. Also I had been looking forward to the day out with them. She kept threatening to come and pick me up which was the last thing I wanted at that point. I didn't want to have an awkward hang out afternoon. I told her that next time we would just plan things better and let it go. I kept trying to avoid saying "It's worries" which is my famous line. It wasn't okay. She apologized some more then we hung up. I did get a text later from her asking me to please let her know next time that I REALLY want to go since she didn't apparently get that vibe from me by my texts bugging her for info on what was going on. Apparently I have to REALLY REALLY want to go on an outing with her before she won't ditch me? I didn't respond to that text cause really what could I say except "Seriously?" I mean I get she's still trying to rationalize it in her own head and not be the villan here but it ain't working. C was super pissed cause T pulls this shit all the time and C made a good point. T's 30 years old now and has got to stop taking her friends for granted and pulling this shit.

So yah that was my day. After that I made Keith take me out for a while just to shake it all off. We made a stop at his doctor's to pick up some papers for his Surgery. He finally got a date! August 22. My first day of Vacation! I am still trying to come to terms with that. We were in talks with my bro and sil to vacation with them but now it's all up in the air. Apparently the knee scoping thing isn't invasive and Keith will be able to get around etc but he obviously will have to take it easy while the knee heals. I think I'm going to call the doctor on Monday and see if he can still stay on the cancellation list (yah this date was apparently on the cancellation list - otherwise it might have been October). But the sooner the better in my opinion!

Alright now I must go watch some South Park in order to keep the peace between the hubs and I. I am in one helluva mood right now - hi PMS! And of course I'm taking it out on him but you know in my defense...he can be kind of annoying some times.

9:33 p.m. - 2011-05-06


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