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The Bachelorette Recap

Bachelorette Recap!! Although let me first say how weird it is to be home ALONE. The hubs is working for the next 4 weeks and today is his first day. Although he probably should be home by now so he is going to be freakin' wiped when he gets home (he left at 4am this morning).

Well I made it to 1am Thursday night AND Friday night! Saturday I was up at 9:30, I finished packing a few odds and ends, showered and waited for S and A to arrive. By 10:15 I was concerned. I text both of them and even called A. At 10:25 I got a call back from S who was 'concerned' that I didn't realize her and A were meeting me IN the Falls. OH silly ME - I didn't get her telepathic message or you know at least a freakin' text to tell me the change of plans. But rather than blow up at her for being an idiot I told her it was fine and said we'd meet them in the Falls. I gave her the heads up about having to find her own parking but she was okay with it.

I then had Keith drive me over so I could carpool with the girls with a quick stop at Tim's. Except of course I had the s-l-o-w-e-s-t service ever. After 10 minutes of standing there I was ready to ask the guy to hand me a bagel and a butter packet and forget the toasting (it's sad that I'm serious). So all that led ME to be late after warning everyone else to be on time! Irony!!!

The drive there was super fun. Jen's driving kind of scared me cause she's a nut case but we laughed the whole way there and were just so freakin' excited that it may have been one of my favourite parts of the weekend. The joke between Jen and I now is that I calmly told her to get off at an exit just as we were about to pass it and she kept yelling "are you serious or just kidding?" I guess I was 'yelling' out other directions but this time I was mellow so she wasn't sure if I was serious. We made the exit but it was close! Hehe..oops?

We got to the outlet stores - looked in the tents (holy freakin' hot!!) and then the girls decided they didn't want to shop anymore but wanted to go to the hotel. Which was fine except that 3 of the girls hadn't arrived yet and they were all coming here! Texts were thrown around and I managed to stall enough till all the girls actually arrived - otherwise it would have been a cluster f*ck since everyone would be going somewhere different in all parts of the city. So a plan was made - we would go Grocery shopping first for mix and snacks, then to the liquor store and then to the hotel. I would check in with 2 of the girls and then text everyone else to meet us in said room.

Somehow S and A were always a step behind (they shopped in the tent) while we went for groceries so they never caught up to us until the hotel.

Checking in was NO problem. It doesn't hurt that Jen is a natural flirt and totally flirted with the guy at the front desk - Gary. She's not a flirty-flirt but more a funny-flirt. We got a cot in the room for free and the 2nd vehicle parking charge for free! Sweet!

The hotel was so busy that all of us girls trudging through with bags and bags and bags of stuff didn't faze anyone. I nearly expired from the relief of it all! We had poured ourselves a stiff one and were cheering our arrival when S and A called they were at the hotel but couldn't find our room. They said they were near the elevators. Except...there were no elevators at our hotel. Uh-oh. I kept telling them they were at the wrong hotel but they wouldn't believe me. Finally I had to tell them I was staring at the sky wheel right outside the front door and if they weren't staring at it then they were at the wrong place. Yup. They were at another hotel (same name) not on the strip. Finally they drove over, parked and I helped them carry in their stuff and the weekend officially began - 7 crazy girls in the City!!

I had a couple drinks and was totally Tipsy!!! Or probably d-d-d-runk! We went out for dinner and Jen and I had THE best time out of everyone - we even had an ice/water fight at the end of our meal much to the amusement of people around us. Although by the time we paid for our meal and walked the strip for a bit (looking for a bottle opener ring for S) I was back to sober!

Some of us swam while others napped and we hung out until around 8 when the girls started getting antsy and suddenly everyone was dressing up and putting on layers of make up and deciding on which pair of shoes to wear out of the dozen they brought. By 8:30 everyone was ready and I had to break it to them....we were too damn early to go anywhere so keep drinking damn it! So we did. Somehow over the next few hours I managed to get a small buzz again (I didn't want to be fall down drunk so I was being a good girl). By 10:30 we suddenly realized how much time had passed and kicked into gear again. We got the front desk to call us a couple cabs and arrived at the 'rippers just in time as the place was getting busy.

A few of the girls found a fascination at the women's 'rippers moreso then the mens. So there always seemed to be a girl or three missing. T's friend 'lex was super annoying about this actually. She found the men's dancers 'disgusting' and spent the whole time upstairs. Which I could give a hot holy hell about what turns her on but she was there for her friend damnit. Her job was to hang around T and support T and buy her a few drinks and maybe even a lapdance or two. Not to disappear like a brat making it all about her. Oh a little back story on 'lex - she's been married and divorced, got engaged a few months ago (she asked him), then last week dumped him and the night before the bachelorette had sex all night long with her 'crush'. I'm not judging but I'm still disgusted with her behaviour. What behaviour besides ignoring the bride and the party? Well out of nowhere she ran out of the club, jumped into a cab and went back to the hotel. Oh and she claimed not to remember anything the next morning. She wasn't that drunk. But she ain't my friend so I'm not sweating it.

Anywho after buying T a lapdance and a few drinks we finally decided it was time to dance! We hopped back into a cab (only one this time since we were one less girl - woo!). We got to the dance club and the security guy was checking ID. Did I mention I had lost my licence and only realized it the night before the bachelorette and had a mini melt down AT Keith? Yah so I told the guy I didn't have it and he asked if I was with the group of girls and he then said it was okay I could go in. I guess it helps that you know I look over 21!!

The club was packed and HOT. Gyrating bodies everwhere - girls making out with each other - crazy. I danced some and sat down some (I think we sat in someone's VIP area but we were too hot to care). Quite a while later T came up to me and told me she was ready to go which was a huge shocker (of course she was wicked intoxicated). I went to gather the troups, I found Jen outside making out with a guy and T's cousin Cour surrounded by a group of guys. We managed to get Jen away from her guy but Cour told us she was staying. She wasn't drunk so I talked with T to see how she felt about this. She said it was fine and I decided this girl was old enough to know her own mind. Although I did take a pic of the guy she was mainly with and told him that if she didn't get home okay he would be our first suspect.

The hotel was literally an 8-10 minute walk through a parking lot but A kept trying to hail a cab. I was thisclose to drop kicking her cause she was on my last nerve. I told her that I needed T and Jen to walk back to the hotel to try and help sober them up. T was stumbling and I had to hold her up most of the way. We made it back without incident. T and Jen went on about how they were hungry and A kept asking if she should go get them food to which I replied NO. The girls would be passed out before she got back. Sure enough within half an hour everyone was asleep - but me.

'lex was on the pullout couch (she didn't wake up when we entered the room and we weren't quiet!), Jen had the cot so T, A and I were in the king bed. All was good right? Not!! T hogged her side of the bed and then some and A who was in the middle wasn't so much as in the middle as on my side. All of us are decent size women so the king got ate up pretty quickly! I tossed and turned for an hour or so and then the snoring began - the symphony of snoring! Lord love a duck I thought I was going insane. I even had earplugs in but that didn't help. Finally I got up, moved to the chair - curled up and tried to sleep - nope. Then I moved the side table to rest my legs on while in the chair - nope. Then I decided to gather all the cushions (love seat & chair) and sleep on those. Not bad. BUT did I mention we could not figure out how to work the damn air conditioner and it was hot in there all night EXCEPT for when we went to bed and the air con was set for 63. So there I lay on my cushions, shivering in my pj's with no blanket. Finally around 4:30ish I couldn't take it anymore and crept back into bed but slept by A's feet while trying to get warm. Around 7 I woke up and noticed that Cour was back - she was on the floor with a blanket from Jen wrapped around her. She had apparently got back at 6am after walking the town all night with the picture guy. At 8:00 'lex's phone rang and woke everyone up. Goodbye sleep. Oh 'lex had plans to catch a bus to T dot to meet up with her sex guy that morning! Probably another reason she left the party early! So we were all up - no more sleeping for us!

Of course we still didn't vacate the room till after check-out time (11:00). Only Jen and I got any of the free contintenal breakfast cause we got there at 9:55 (over at 10). Basically we had a coffee and a bit of leftovers. T puked a couple times but other than that was feeling okay. I think 'lex puked too but I think she may have a 'problem' cause at dinner the night before she ate like a 1/3 of her meal and went to the bathroom probably 4 times.

Cour left for home - she looked a little rough after only a few hours sleep while the rest of us went out for breakfast at the Saucer. T and I managed to talk Jen into stopping at VV before we left town - T found a top while I found, black capris, a blue top and another swim suit cover top. I also found a very cute bag with palm trees on it but gave it to S as we both coveted it.

One more stop ( store) and then us 3 ladies were on our way back home...much more subdued this time! Tired and hungover!

So all in all it was a great weekend! All my fears were for nothing - although I'm sure the maids weren't too impressed cleaning our room. I did try and do damage control and clean as much as I could but they would definitely be vacuuming our room!!

And now Keith is home - an hour later. He's in better shape then I thought but he will probably be ready to pass out as soon as he eats.

I skipped my walk today cause I knew physically I wasn't up to it. I nearly called in sick this morning cause last night I tossed and turned til after midnight and then slept fitfully. I have no idea what was up with that?? It's wickedly hot out still so combined with feeling ill I knew bad things would happen if I even attempted to walk!

Oh and when I got home I found a package in the mail that I ordered a month or two ago and I was SO happy Keith didn't get home first. He will not be happy when he finds out - so we'll keep that from him until sometime in the future when he's happier (maybe after we have money in the account!). Oh and I wasn't spending money willy nilly it was on another UV shirt (and one for him for our vacay in August).

And also? There was a message on my machine - my licence was found! It was at the salon I got my hair cut on Friday - woohoo!!!

Okay it's time to eat - and hopefully this headache will start to go away and mark my words I WILL go to bed early tonight!!!

5:20 p.m. - 2011-07-18


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