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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I getting older or younger? Hard to tell some days!

I have a confession to make. I wrote about wanting Mina to come on girls weekend due to relieving some financial costs of the weekend but the deep down true reason was that I thought I would need a third person there to buffer between S and I. Mina would keep S from driving me nuts talking about her boyfriend or when she gets a little too crazy and needs to be grounded. But as it turns out Mina couldnít make it this weekend and I had the BEST time with just S. It was just the two of us and I couldnít have asked for a better time. It made me realize why we have remained such good friends for the last 20 years Ė we have fun just the 2 of us no matter what the circumstances!

S had said she would arrive at my place between 10 and 11 Friday night. It was 11:50 when the knock at the door came. Keith and I were both knackered and were seriously considering going to bed and leaving the door open. Within 20 minutes of S getting here everyone was tucked away in bed. S was equally exhausted so it worked out well.

Saturday morning we were on the road by 11 with a quick stop at Timís for a coffee and a specialty bagel (mmm French toast!). We stopped at a thrift store along the way (Iíve been wanting to stop there for 2 years!). We both found some treasures and continued on our way. S got a call while in the change room from Mina who said she couldnít make it this weekend and for S to go without her (oops). Mina is very predictable thus why S and I were half way to our destination when Mina finally got around to calling.

S and I checked in early with no problems. Our room at the Inn was Awesome. Itís a unique place. Itís on the Beach and reminds me of a B&B except you have your own mini-fridge in your room and meals arenít included. All rooms are locked and are kept immaculate. Itís hard to describe but trust me it is worth the money to stay here.

S and I had an excellent 3 days. The weather could not have been any better. It was HOT every day and we spent all 3 days on the beach and in the water. S and I are totally meant for one another Ė we both love the beach and we had to drag ourselves away on Monday. Actually the weather gave us the push to leave Ė it became overcast around 5pm with lightening and thunder in the background. We took that as our cue to leave. Well I did, S wanted to go in the water one more time. I had to convince her it wasnít the best idea!

We also managed to do our fair share of shopping while there. We went to the antique market where S found several treasures to spend her money on. I also bought a couple things including an old sewing basket as Iíve never had one. I currently keep my supplies in a small Tupperware tub so I was quite thrilled at my find.

Poor S had lost track of time and didnít realize it was only days away til my birthday. She bought me dinner our last night there which was nice of her. I didnít spend as much as I thought (or wanted) to and I regret not buying a few things (but the stores were closed up early every night).

We also hit my favourite Grand Tiger on the way home where we bought a few more things.

Oh yah on our way out of the beach town we had to change in a Timís out of our bathing suits into regular clothes (the beach washrooms were closed except for one with a very large line). We were grabbing food and coffee anyway at Timís so it wasnít a big deal Ė except to a woman who wasnít happy with our using the bathroom as a change room. As we were changing (2 stalls) she walked in and said something like ďoh I didnít know this was a change room nowĒ. So then I did the most vulgar thing and took a wicked long pee (cause I really had to go) letting her hear that yes I was indeed using my stall as it was intended!!! Just as I finished changing (in like 30 seconds) she made a comment about how Ďenough was enough she really had to go nowí. If I hadnít already unlocked my door to walk out I would have totally stood inside the washroom longer cause hello that was rude. She couldnít help but hear we were also using the facilities!! Yah it got my goat if you couldnít tell. And in my haste I didnít notice I left my car key in there till I was searching for it while waiting for my coffee in line and out she walked with it. I felt like telling her I wouldnít have left it if she hadnít been so rude in pressuring me to hurry up and get out. But I just thanked her and smiled cause Iím Canadian after all.

So that was our weekend. We got to my home around 7 last night just as the weather started to look threatening and S booked it for home.

Now I am trying to get back into the groove of this here work thing but itís hard. I decided not to walk this week at lunch Ė it was mostly spurred on by the fact I was too tired to pack a walking bag this morning. Plus after work today the hubby and I have our chiro appointment and then we are going out for an early b-day dinner for moi. After listening to C being disappointed by her hubby time after time I decided why make this a guessing game that the hubby wonít win regardless of what he does? So I told him last night that since we couldnít go out for dinner on my b-day (itís his long hellish 16 hour work day) we will go out tonight. He will be tired (getting up at 3am does that) but at least he has tomorrow off to recoup. We could have maybe went out Wednesday but a) he would have to go to bed early for the hell day and b) T and I usually go swimming that night. So tonight we will dine on Seafood and I will be tickled pink cause Iím getting my super yummy, super expensive (for us) seafood dinner! And the rest of the week will follow like this:

Wednesday T and I are meeting after work to go out for dinner (weíre actually have breakfast for dinner one of our faveís) and then hanging out and maybe doing a bit of shopping. Thursday on my actual b-day I will pick up some Chalet Swiss so neither the hubby or I have to cook and he will stuff food into his mouth and fall into bed dead to the world. See? No fights. No guessing games. Plus the hubs just doesnít step up to the plate with this stuff like I do. I have to remember this. I would have decorations and birthday cake all planned where as I doubt he will remember to put up the happy b-day sign even though we talked about it just last week. Sigh.

On Saturday we are heading to my parents to celebrate with the fam. Unfortunately the party is getting smaller and smaller which I ainít gonna lie Ė hurts. I make an effort to attend everyone elseís parties and people donít seem to make mine a priority which like I said hurts. Iíll get over it but it doesnít mean Iíll forget it especially when theirs comes around. Childish Ė yes. Just cause Iím getting older doesnít mean Iím getting any more mature! Nah!

10:04 p.m. - 2011-09-13


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