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Birthday musings.....


Not sure if I’m ready to give some b-day reflections so instead let me talk about last night. After work I met up with T. We had plans to meet up for dinner – breakfast for dinner. We had our meal and then the waitress asked one bill or two. T said two. Fair enough I guess – I mean my b-day was at least 6 hours away. I didn’t expect my meal to be paid for but the fact that it was $10 ($10.08) to be exact I guess I just sort of thought since I would have grabbed her bill and treated her for her b-day (which I know was double – 2 beers) that she would have done the same – guess not. But whatev it really wasn’t a big deal it just sort of shocked me.

Afterwards we headed out to do a bit of shopping. I really didn’t plan on buying anything – famous last words right? At the thrift store I bought a skort, a tank top and a scarf (quite the assortment) for $15. Then we headed to a real store where I bought a top to wear today for my b-day (it was $20 not on sale). Then we headed to another store for T to look for jeans...well of course I found the clearance rack and bought a pair of grey work capris that were very smart looking for $10 as well as another tank top for $4. Our final stop was a shoe store as T was looking for shoes – guess who bought something? Yup a pair of sandals for $17. Ugh. It was just crazy. I kind of have buyers remorse but I got such great deals that I really can’t feel bad. I guess I’ll have to chalk it up to one of the millions of b-day presents I have bought for myself this year!

At the end of the evening around 8pm the hubby called me asking when I’d be home. Normally he doesn’t care but he’s been working overtime looking at travel deals so that we can go away. I had found out how much vacation I have left (16 days) and had gave my boss a heads up about asking for time off in the immediate future. I got home and sure enough the hubs had found a few deals that we would have booked right then but since I didn’t know he was looking at NEXT week I figured I needed to clear it with my manager before officially booking something. But I have a feeling we will be booking something tonight – hopefully there are still a few good deals left.

I also opened my b-day present from Keith. I had to tease him because he signed the card with just his name. No “Love Keith” or anything mushy like that. What a guy. Inside the small gift bag he gave me was a bag. One of those sling purse bags – it was summerish with popsicles over it. I loved it. I couldn’t help but tell him how surprised I was that he had bought me a bag for my b-day – he always complains I have too many! To MY surprise he told me that he made the bag. I thought he was kidding but he wasn’t. He really did make the bag. I wouldn’t have known! I was pretty touched. He also showed me other material in which he was going to make me another bag but ran out of time. But I think we decided he is just going to make me a pillowcase. It’s penguins and the fabric is soft and ideal for a pillowcase!

Oh so I made the mistake of trying to wear my new crocs yesterday. I bought them a few weeks ago and they immediately rubbed my right heel raw (after half an hour of wearing them). They are shoes not the sandals. So I fixed my heel up but then yesterday took them out of the closet for another run- this time they rubbed my left heel raw!!! And then when I switched to sandals half way through the day by evening both of my feet were cramping!! I was out with T and I could barely walk.

Today I am SO tired cause I stayed up to watch Big Bro finale and then read til midnight. I am actually looking forward to a quiet night in with the hubby! We will eat din, he will go to bed and I will watch a bit of tv and then go to bed early!! Oh how times have changed eh? 37 is old!


So yah after work I headed to a local thrift store (knowing the hubby was working) and bought a cute multi-purple hue sweater and necklace charm - I had a 20% discount to use today only - birthday perk - I spent $10. I then headed home stopping to pick up my b-day dinner.

Now I am going through all my well wishes on Fb - I feel luved - and posting this entry and then I plan on going to bed by 10!! No later I swear! I hate feeling so crappy and tired.


So I said at the beginning of the post that I wasn't ready for b-day reflections. What I meant by that was how I felt today. I mean, I usually get psyched on my b-day's but then feel sad or down sometimes. Today was no different. I guess cause I woke up alone after a short night's sleep I began the day off kilter. Talking to my parents helped. My drive in to work sucked large - traffic was 50% worse than the usual time I leave which left me still running late. My stop at tim's blew as their toaster was broke so no bkfst sandwhich for me. It was then that I started to get all 'woe is me' and was getting prepared to bring out the world's tiniest violin but then I gave myself a shake (um not literally) and told myself to...well...get over myself. It's my b-day that doesn't make me excempt from crappy things happening. So instead I just made the best of it. I took myself out to lunch at my favourite lunch place and sat in a booth with my book and was happy. In a crowd or alone I have the best time. So all in all it was a good b-day. I'm glad I have this wknd to look forward to - spending time with the fam. I just wish more of the fam could attend.

Oh and uh....a week from today I am going to CUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yah it's booked. We found a super cheap and I mean cheap deal. Mainly because hello it's a week's notice! We're paying $700 total. That's flight, all inclusive resort, all taxes and health insurance. It's insane. And now I feel like hyperventalating. We've never done this last minute before. Oh and I will be pms'ing on this trip so good times there!

Mkay time to post!

8:53 p.m. - 2011-09-15


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