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Finally the NY promises that I promise not to give up on...too quickly!

First order of business: My weekend.

Well my weekend was 100% awesome but only 50% productive. Luckily for me I’m not good at math so I’m considering that a success! Saturday I got to business and took down our x-mas tree, I was happy to see some needles finally falling off it but all in all the tree was still quite healthy. 5 large totes later and I was wondering how the in the hell we acquired so much x-mas stuff? Although truth be told we have a lot of large items so the totes do fill up fast. I still have one more tote to pack up. Keith’s mom gave me a snowman cookie jar that matches the snowman platter we got a few years back. The platter when I took it out this year was cracked. Oops. I may have given up about then and moved on from putting away x-mas to cleaning the upstairs rooms. The ‘office’ was a mess of clothes and I found a lot of my own clothes mixed with Keith’s. I also cleaned our bedroom. Poor Keith has a dresser that not even a toddler could fit any clothes into. He desperately needs a new one but we never have the ‘extra’ funds to spend it on. Plus it’s a piece of furniture which takes preplanning and somehow getting it home in a vehicle. If it was something small I would have totally purchased it by now. So for now the guy lives out of clothes baskets. He complains about me having 3 closets (I cannot stress enough these are tiny closets) but really he doesn’t need a closet as he only owns 4 pairs of pants and about 50 t-shirts all in various states . Only a handful would be good enough to hang.

We tried to stay up for SNL but it was delayed by half an hour so by the time it came on we turned the tv off and rolled over to sleep.

Sunday…Sunday was our non-productive day. Let’s say I didn’t really leave my bed to shower and dress till 7pm and that was just to go out for 20 minutes top to grocery shop, gas up the car and pick up Chinese food. We seriously were on a mission not to be out long! I didn’t even hunker down with a book Sunday instead I sort of pissed it away watching tv shows, a movie and reading someone’s web blog (years of archives). I did regret not getting my stuff ready for work this morning but somehow I managed to pack my walking stuff amongst getting ready for work and make it to work on time!

Second order of business: NY Resolutions

What can I say? Unfortunately it’s going to be the same as years’ past – get HEALTHY. I started this task a few months ago when I began walking at work on my lunch hours. The winter has put a dent in this task big time. But I don’t have much of an excuse right now as the weather may be cold but there is nary a drop of white stuff on the ground. Anyone who knows me know I am a furnace so cold doesn’t really bother me. Of course along with exercising goes hand in hand with eating less crap. I can’t say no crap cause I love junk food. It’s in my DNA. But I can make sure to lessen it.

The next one is more vain if you will. You see I have puffy eyes. It was never a big deal or else it wasn’t as prevalent as it is today. Puffy’s not even the right description – tired eyes if you will. I look tired All the time. And I’m not tired all the time. I gotta do something about that someday soon cause these tired eyes aren't going away!

I would also like to become more organized and have less clutter. I am taking steps towards this but this is something I would like to accomplish in 2012. Cleaning out my uncle’s house while he was in the hospital a few months ago really hit home how easy it is for things to build up for years and how much harder it is to say goodbye to ‘stuff’. I’ve watched the show about hoarders but hadn’t seen it first hand until being in my uncle’s house. I’ve kept the pictures my mom sent me of the before and after and I should use those for inspiration when I need it while I am cleaning/de-cluttering our house.

So that’s it. Oh I could think of a ton more of things I want to change or fix about myself or life but it pretty much revolves around making life better for myself and I don't want to go all out and make so many resolutions that I do none.

So that's my list. Aaaaaand that's my entry!

8:17 p.m. - 2012-01-09


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