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Tonight I drove to a friend of T's half an hour away - G town. She was going through her clothes and we are roughly the same size. T got all her boots though cause they are the same foot size also SKY HIGH heels were involved and that leaves me out. I walked out of the house 3 hours later with a bag so big and heavy I could not carry it to my car. I tried on most of the clothes there but finished once I got home. Most of the pants and skirts don't fit (too small for both of us). But I got a lot of nice sweaters from her. Ironically I was going to go to a second hand store tomorrow at their 50% off sale - although I am still considering it cause I need black work pants.

Oh the tomorrow thing? Yah I'm not working tomororow - booyah! It was a last minute decision. I had a day owed to me, Keith had already booked it off for a doctor's appointment so it was a no brainer. Spending the day with my hubby I am. Life's too short not too.

Speaking of which. I have been reading a journal - someone I read a few years ago - her life always fascinated me. Her words entertained. She closed up her journal and left. She asked people to contact her for her new journal - she even said the same to me. I got the message too late and she had moved on. Fast Forward a year or so later and I stumbled on to her new journal through another that I read. I was thrilled except that thrill was tempered by the fact she has cancer. I read through the archives and like a book I kept expecting the heroine to kick cancer's butt and be all feisty again. I am now a month within catchign up to 'real life' and sadly it is not the happy ending I was hoping for. She hasn't given up hope and neither will I. It just....makes you appreciate....hell it just makes you want to grab the people closest to you and hug the crap out of them. It makes you want to eat that ice cream cone you deem 'too decadent'. It makes you want to sing out loud in public when a favourite song comes on. It makes you....want to appreciate every day you are alive and thriving on this earth - not fighting for your life in a battle that you may or may not win. We take so many things in life for granted. We take life for granted. I have to remember this feeling more often.

Life is precious.

11:17 p.m. - 2012-02-05


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