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The Falls again? Yup!

So yah I just typed half an entry only to have my computer shut down on me to do updates. Foiled again? Nope!

I haven't been on the laptop much due to a sore neck. We spent V day at the chiropractor as Keith watched me get my neck cracked. My chiro kept asking what I did - whiplash? fall down? banged my head? Nothing that I could remember! But she fixed it and for the most part it's better but I know that my tense shoulders and neck are causing it to not heal all the way.

Our V day was low key but we did pretty much celebrate the day before when Keith made me a wicked dinner of lobster, mussels, steak and potato and chocolate cake. De-lish. He did it the day before so we could throw out the stinky seafood carcasses on garbage day. I loved the man even more because of that. On V day morning I had left him a bucket of mars bars on the counter and he left me a pink dragon with some chocolate eggs. After the neck cracking we decided to just grab some swiss for dinner (to take home and eat in our pj's!). Another de-lish night.

This past weekend we headed to the Falls on Saturday afternoon. I had booked us a room over a month ago (before we had the finances talk again - ugh). I got a good deal so it wasn't too bad. We tried to check in a bit early but I kind of forgot about the holiday so it was Busy. The girl at the front desk told us our room wasn't ready but we could downgrade to a regular room which was ready. Hells to the no! I had booked us a jacuzzi room. They could have totally sold that room for double or triple the price I"m sure. So we left and went shopping at our old haunts. We bought us a mop at the liquidation place we love. We are crazy and wild people.

A few hours later we headed back to check in as did the rest of the Falls - what a line! But we got into our jacuzzi room and rested a bit before heading out to dinner at our fave restaurant (yah obvioulsy we go to NF a lot when we have so many faves!). Dinner was amazing and filling and we rolled ourselves back to the hotel room. Around 9:00 we decided to go walk the strip and do some digesting. We got back and utilized our jacuzzi tub big time.

Overall it was a great time. On our way back ome hwe were going to stop at a restuarant we had saw on a tv show that had great food but once we arrived we found out they closed at 3pm. That's just wrong. So we headed home and went to a Greek restaurant near our house that we love.

Now that brings us to today - our day of rest. We are both sore from all the walking we did this weekend. Well Keith more than me. But it's just gonna be a quiet lazy day which I LOVE. I will of course have to convince myself to go out walking sometime today. I've tried to walk once a day all month and I'm doing pretty good.

Right now I am starving and am thinking it's time for lunch! Breakfast got skipped so lunch is gonna be early.

11:11 a.m. - 2012-02-20


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