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A true case of the Munday's

I called in sick today. And I actually don't feel guilty! I guess it helps that I AM sick. Although I was probably well enough to go to work but I already feel like crap and am run down so I didn't think it wise. My throat felt like it had shards of glass in it all weekend and then as we drove home from my parents yesterday it magically stopped feeling like that at 6pm. It was one of those weird moments when you can't help but notice the strangeness - pain one moment then...nothing! Of course this morning it kind of hurts once again but that's probably from my lack of good sleep and coughing a lot during the night. Poor Keith. He's probably bagged cause I slept poorly. He had a slight sore throat yesterday but I'm really hoping it doesn't develop into anything since he has day surgery on Friday.

Since I'm not the kind of sick where I am out of commision I plan on attacking our kitchen and cleaning it before he gets home tonight. I also plan on cleaning the spare room so if I'm tossing and turning and coughing again tonight I will just move rooms so the poor guy can sleep!

Besides feeling like I was sick (which I was) all weekend my weekend was still pretty good. Saturday we left for my parents behind schedule but still made it there early (pedal to the medal and all that). My mom was super surprised we were there and when the rest of the family got there she was happy. My dad finally called Saturday morning (while I was in the shower) to find out when we were coming). They were going to a funeral at 2pm and then my mom wanted to go shopping at 3pm. So Keith and I had to be there for 3 so they wouldn't leave. I felt bad cause my mom is on a time crunch and has to get some shopping done before her trip. I'm a woman so I understood the importance of this shopping trip. But I think family did trump shopping so it was okay.

Sunday we left a lot later than normal. We skyped with my bro, sil and Mr D for almost an hour! They tried to get him to count using marshmellows (last time he was up to 13) but I guess he was hungry cause he just kept eating the marshmellows!

I just emailed my siblings and told them to call my parents Wednesday evening and wish them a bon voyage on their trip to Taiwan. It's a 13 hour flight. I think my mom is more nervous about the length of the flight then anything else. They are also going to a lawyer to get their will done this week. Yah that didn't give me the warm and fuzzies let me tell ya.

Alright I am beginning to cough and my stomach is rumbling. It's weird. I am showered with my hair done. I'm not going to go back to bed obviously. Although laying down later might be wise. For now I will eat some breakfast and then maybe tackle the spare room - I don't think I can face the kitchen this early in the day.

7:38 a.m. - 2012-02-27


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