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Todayís ramblings brought to you by: my cold meds!

Well I dragged myself into work today. And really I am feeling better but still a little fuzzy in the head. I have the drowsiness that comes with a head cold. I would love to put my head on my desk and take a little cat nap but since Iím also congested Iím sure the whole office would hear my snoring if I did! Keith tells me I have quite the snore the last few days. And did I mention this is coming from the other room? I have been kind and have taken to the spare bed cause I am restless, coughing and congested. My poor boy doesnít need to lose sleep cause of me. So far he hasnít got sick which is excellent. Yesterday I spent much of the day sleeping cause thatís what head colds do to me. I rallied around 4 and showered and we headed out to our chiro appointment and then to dinner at Swiss. I had chicken soup to start so Iím sure that helped somewhat. I was in bed by 8 last night and asleep by 9:10. I fell asleep with the tv on and only woke up to turn it off and roll over. I hope for another early night tonight. 9 hours sleep canít be a bad thing. I cancelled swimming with T also cause swimming in a cold pool with no energy just doesnít seem like a smart thing to do.

I have to call my parents tonight and wish them a bon voyage! They leave for the airport at 7am tomorrow morning. Iím sure they are both excited and nervous!

My ears are plugged and itís really bugging me. Once in a while I will blow my nose and lo and behold I can hear! Then it goes away.

I have YET to win on this damn roll up the rim dealy with Timís. I must have had 12 coffees since this infernal contest began and nothing! Not even a damn cookie!

Iím trying to bring myself to drink water today. For some reason since Iíve been sick I cannot bring myself to drink it. At the time when it is most crucial to getting better my body decides to reject the taste!

Work is slow. Sigh. I had to look at our bank account today. The numbers arenít pretty. Deep sigh. I really really hope Keith gets a permanent job with the company he is temping for. It would mean pretty much double what he takes home now. Oh the bills we could pay off with that extra cash! (Sigh).

Thanks to being sick 2 days this week (only 7 more sick days of the year left!), I am only working 2 days this week. I took Friday off cause of Keithís minor surgery. Of course no sleeping in on Friday - we have to be at the hospital by like 8:30 or somthing stupid like that. Which reminds me I should start to put a little 'kit' together - book, water, snack - that kind of thing.

Not much else planned for the weekend. Hopefully it will be quiet and restful. Well now, this entry is going to dullsville fast so I better quit while I'm ahead!

6:25 p.m. - 2012-02-29


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