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This too shall pass.....rinse and repeat

Part of me feels I should take my blood pressure, but another part knows if I do I won’t like the reading and really there’s not much I can do about it cause life is making it as high as it is. My passwords at work for my computer are mocking me – relaxed and meditate. I give this half chuckle every time I type them in. Maybe the universe thought I was challenging it when I created my passwords a month or so ago. Oh really? You want to be relaxed? You think meditating will help? Let’s see about that shall we!

Monday night on my drive home from work I was thinking how mundane life is lately. I get home from work, go into the bedroom or sit on the couch, talk to Keith for a bit, he starts dinner, I change, we eat, watch tv…go to bed. Boring. I pulled into the driveway and noticed Keith’s car wasn’t there – hm a change to the routine? I get inside and there is a message from Keith telling me to call him immediately. I wonder why he called the home number and then remember I left my cell phone at work (I noticed on the drive home but didn’t turn around). I call him back – it goes straight to voicemail.

A minute later the phone rings – it’s him – he’s been in a car accident. He asks me to come and bring our CAA card. I have now decided I am NOT good in a crisis situation. I become too frazzled. I ran around for a few seconds then pulled myself together – grabbed what I needed and headed out. Keith was about 10 minutes from home near a major shopping centre. He had been at a red light – stopped for a few seconds – when a woman in a SUV plowed into him from behind. She was probably going 50 or 60km an hour. The back end of our car is crunched in and the frame is bent between the doors. It’s a write off.

We waited almost an hour before an ambulance showed up. They checked out the woman and her 3 kids first – nobody was hurt. They checked out Keith and were concerned cause his blood pressure was high and he had a bump on the back of his head – plus his neck was super sore. Finally we all decided they would take him in the ambulance to the hospital and I would stay and wait for the tow truck. The woman was able to drive away – with nary a scratch or dent. I had to use Keith’s watch phone to call for a tow truck (oh how I regretted not having my cell phone).

I finished up with the police, watched our car being towed away and then raced home to change (my feet were soaked as it was raining and I had bad shoes on). I made a couple calls, went through the drive through for food for both of us and then raced to the hospital. SIX hours later we finally left the hospital. The doctor saw him for about 5 minutes. She determined he had whiplash but didn’t take any x-rays etc just told him to get some type of treatment he thought would work and maybe take it easy for a few days. Keith had made a chiro appointment while he was sitting at the accident scene. The receptionist called a few times to confirm the appointment – that night and the next morning. Apparently Keith sounded in shock when he had called. Our chiro was amazing, she booked an hour time slot and totally checked him over. His neck is pretty messed up but she began treatment right away using an ultra sound machine. He is going again on Thursday. She wrote him a note off work for the rest of the week. He is to ice his neck and shoulders throughout the day and take an anti inflammatory. Oh and take it easy.

After we left there we went and cleaned out our car. I had it towed to our mechanics (I was in shock too and didn’t know where else to tow it too). Our insurance called and tried to pick it up but he told them not without our consent which was nice of him cause we hadn’t cleaned it out and who knows where they would have taken it? We went there, cleaned out the car, took some last pictures of it and then left to run all the other errands. Just as we were heading home our ‘low oil’ light came on. We stopped, bought oil and filled it. We got home and poor Keith crawled under to take a look – HUGE puddle and a trail from our driveway to where it was parked. I think Oh Shit would be accurate. So I called our mechanic yet again and told him the situation. He told me to bring it right in and he would give me a loaner car. I’ve been chuckling about this ever since it happened, but I am afraid that at some point the chuckling is going to turn into a demented laugh and I will be unable to stop myself and before I know it I will be sobbing. I just…..want this bad luck or whatever it is to just stop. We paid out $400 to get a brake job on the crushed car last week. I didn’t tell anyone else this part, but my visa was declined when I tried to pay for it. I think I missed a payment so it’s not that bad. But…..I just…..need for things to calm down. I need our debt to start going down or at least be able to make all our payments. I need to feel not so out of control. Things had begun to look up. Keith got an email saying he could apply for a full time position at the company he’s temp’ing at. But will they hire him now?? Ugh. My mind is going to such a dark place I don’t even want to think about it right now. I am worried sick about our future. Thus the high blood pressure. BUT. I have to stop this way of thinking. It’s not helping anything especially my health. It is what it is. Worrying about it….does nothing. Yes we’re in a bad situation. Yes it could get a LOT worse. But I can’t predict the future. I just need to take a step back and look at the positive. My husband is okay. He is in a bit of pain but it could have been a lot worse. We have family and friends who are a great support system. They have all offered to help any way they can. We are not alone. We have insurance on our car. We can get a rental. We will get some monetary amount for our old car. Nobody said life was fair. I just keep repeating to myself…..”this too shall pass”.

11:04 p.m. - 2012-03-14


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