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Precarious is the word of the day

Has life ever been boring? I’m sure there was a time. Okay I know for a fact there have been many times but suddenly that boringness seems so long ago. I was hoping to get back to ‘normal’ this weekend but Keith and I have begun hardcore hunting for a new (to us) car and selling my uncle’s. We posted an ad last night and I also responded to 3 people selling their cars. We seem to be going with the same kind of car that was crushed. It was good to us and had many good points. We know it’s cons so we won’t be blindsided (hopefully!). So far one person has responded and we might be looking at a car this Friday.

We are in a very precarious situation – we don’t have the money to pay for another car – we are waiting for a cheque from the insurance agency. We also are trying to sell my uncle’s but not before we get another car. Precarious. Of course if we get the cheque from the insurance people – buy a car within our means – we still risk not being able to sell my uncle’s car. It is an old gas guzzler – but it is in excellent shape. I know we won’t get what we’re asking for it. I imagine in a few days we will lower the price. We have to try to aim high at first. We’re not asking above the blue book price – not even asking that price. I still have the guilt over trying to sell it. Everyone tells me not to feel guilty but it doesn’t stop me. I feel ungrateful that we were given this car. Yah we are trying to make a few extra bucks selling it but that was never our intent. Basically if we get out what we paid into it I will be satisfied – not happy but satisfied.

As with a lot of people lately I am over FB right now. I don’t mind going on and checking out pictures etc of friends and family but lately I’ve becoming more annoyed with it. I had to explain to a “friend” that Keith was in a car accident and our car was totalled. This had been my status update for a few days and this girl is on FB several times daily. How do you miss something like that?! I find people are now just updating from their phones and not really checking in on their friends. What’s the point then? Go on twitter if you are going to be so self absorbed.

But this could also just be me – the other day Keith and I were watching tv and I mentioned how the show was annoying me. He then commented that a lot of stuff is annoying me lately. I had to agree. I am bothered by small things that used to be inconsequential. Too much drama in the life I guess.

Work is slooow. This is not a good thing. We have a ton of cuts happening – people are being let go, left right and centre. It would be perfect timing to search for a car but our internet usage is being looked at closer than normal so this means I have to sit here and twiddle my fingers trying to find something productive to do. Hell I’d settle for finding something non-productive to do that didn’t involve the internet! I need a project to focus on. As I was falling asleep last night I apparently had a good idea for a book and was ‘writing’ it in my head but apparently that went the way of my zzzzzz’s. I awoke this morning from a dream upset because I was dating someone and apparently while they were away for the night I went and married one of our mutual friends! I was trying to find the courage to tell them when on the tv what should appear by a giant kiss-tron thing like at games and this was about to show me and my new hubby on it. I ran around this huge mansion until finally I found a room and hid in the corner. Yah my dreams are stupid I know.


This was written yesterday and I have updates since I wrote the above but I better save it till tomorrow at work cause I will need something to do!

But I will leave you with a cute story, I got a text from my brother tonight, he told me that Little D went poop (on the potty) and that he told him "Tell Curious-Me". Okay replace curious-me with my name but you get it. The kid is thinking of me - how cute!

9:22 p.m. - 2012-03-29


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