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Finally an entry not about cars!!

Hm, it's good that my nephew is thinking of me but now I'm starting to wonder what goes through his little brain. His parents are potty training him and were having the 'everybody poops' talk and they asked him who else poops? And he said my name quite enthusiastically! Cute but weird.

So another weekend has come to an end. These 2 days weekends sure do fly by! Saturday Keith and I headed for the one-day-biggest maply syrup festival (it's in the guiness book). Before we left we cleaned the house in case we had company. Oh I should mention that S and her guy cancelled their overnight stay. I was a-okay with that. They asked us to come back to T dot but we bowed out. It's been pretty hectic the last few weekends.

We got to the festival in great time - traffic was not a nightmare like last year. We found a free parking spot within minutes and then began to make our way through the thousands of people. We ate and looked at crafts and then a couple hours later got a call from S - they were just leaving T dot (they should have techically been arriving). Thankfully I expected this so wasn't upset. We went into a thrift store and bought a few things - a book being one of them - we went back to our car and just relaxed and unwound for a while. We eventually headed back into the crowd and within half an hour S and her guy (and a friend) arrived. They had about 30 minutes before the festival shut down which was enough time for them to feed their faces and buy a few things.

We headed back to our place (thank goodness for cleaning) and just hung out for a few hours before they headed back to the big town. Keith and I were zonked and just relaxed for the rest of the evening and headed to bed by 11:30. We totally forgot about earth hour but we had the lights turned out anyway.

Today it was overcast and just a quiet day. We went out around noon on a mission to find a flour-sifter. Yah a weird mission (it's Keith's). We went to several second hand stores and a few cheap ones (we don't want to pay much). We didn't find one but we did find a few other things. I did buy T's gift (it was from a real store!). It's a mason-jar wine glass. Keith found a box that hold 2 wine bottles - so I plan on putting the glass on one side and a bottle in the other. Clever.

Now Keith is finishing up dinner and we're getting ready for another week of work. Mine will be 3 days and his will be 4. Pretty good.

6:41 p.m. - 2012-04-01


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