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Fire up the machine.....I need my nightcap

I was just catching up on diaries (I haven't been opening my laptop in the evenings lately) and was going to update after I went upstairs... cleaned the dishes, threw some clothes in the laundry and make a cappucino. But I stopped myself and knew better than to put down the laptop cause I would not come back to it except to turn it off!

Anywho on to what's happening. So the big ol' doctor frustration got even worse when I went in to see him. He acted like I had called and made an appointment rather than his office calling me. Apparently all the results weren't in. But he decided to put me on some iron pills anyway. Something to do with building red blood cells. I looked it up on the net and it said something like the symptoms were tiredeness, shortness of breath and memory problems. I told Keith this and he said "so you've been anemic your whole life?" Alluding to my lack of memory of course. The shortness of breath is kind of weird but also makes sense when I think about it.

So yah it's been almost a week since I've taking the pills. I am supposed to build up to 3 a day. Today was my first day taking 2 pills. I can't say I've noticed any huge changes but then again that's normally what I do, look for big changes in a short amount of time!

I am psyched that tomorrow is my Friday and then it's a blissful 5 days off! Sweet. The weather is looking iffy - crazy hot but also with risks of thunder storms every day. I really hope Keith doesn't want to work on our back path in that weather. We bought the stones for it last weekend.

In 3 weeks is our vacation. We're camping the first part of it. Keith is planning it but I think the plans have stalled. Due to finances mostly. I would be happy to sit on a beach for most of my vacay but I guess he wants to do some other stuff. We'll see what happens.

I was given my additional vacation days in August which means I have two whole weeks off in a row!!! I cannot wait. One week will be spent with my parents up at a cottage (solo) and then I will come back and just chillax for the next week. Unfortunately Keith can't get the time off. I toyed with not taking the vacation and saving the days but I earn them pretty fast so when Keith finally gets vacation (for real) I will still have days left.

We have to submit our vac days for x-mas by the end of the month. I submitted my 4 days for x-mas week but am 99% sure they will get denied as obviously everyone will want those days off - Christmas is on a Tuesday so everyone will at the very least request Monday off. And since Tues and Wed are holidays why not request Thur and Friday as well? So yah not gonna get my hopes up getting those days off.

A'ight my mind is beginning to wander and I have those dishes to get to! The laundry might have to get done tomorrow as I don't think I'm in the mood for it any longer. But the cappucino - that is definitely happening. I am honing my skills with that machine like nobody's business! I am a milk frother extrodinnaire! I sprinkle it with cinnamon and it is....heavenly!!

7:08 p.m. - 2012-06-27


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