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Another Vacation bites the dust

Is it good or bad that a weeks' vacation feels like it was much much longer than that?

I'm going to go with good! I wrote in my trip journal but I will write about a few highlites here. We got away relatively early on Monday with our car packed to the hilt to go camping. We made a few stops on the way and arrived at the campground a bit early before check-in but our site was clear. This campground is so popular and sites never sits empty long. It's also huge - hundreds and hundreds of sites.

We had an interesting night our first night. I fell asleep super quick after all that swimming and fresh air. About an hour later around midnight I woke up but wasn't sure why. Keith was awake too. He got up with the flashlight and shined it outside the tent - he then asked me if I had left the muffins outside. What? Obviously I said no. We then noticed that the zipper to our tent was open at the bottom. Keith stood at the opening until finally he saw the raccoon coming back for our muffins. The little bugger actually opened our friggin' tent and prob half came in to grab our muffins. After scaring him away (and pissing him off) Keith took any food we had in the tent and put it in the car - we normally keep the dry stuff in the tent with us cause we've never had this problem before. For the next hour we could hear them circling our tent chittering away mad at us. Keith eventually fell back to sleep but I lay there clutching our large maglite jumping at every sound near the door. Only once did I make Keith get up after I heard some stuff going on out front. Around day break I finally put the flashlight down and went to sleep.

So that was the excitement of the camping trip - the rest was boring fun filled vacation stuff! We packed up Wednesday morning - it was an overcast morning threatening rain. We packed the car and headed into town - we ended up spending the next few hours on the strip and at the main beach as the sun came out in full force and the water was perfect. We drove home that evening tired and tanned.

We stayed up way too late getting ready for the next day. Keith stayed up and made a bunch of trip cd's that we found out didn't work in our beige car cause the cd is finicky - that sucked after all the work he did on them.

We made it on the road by 9-ish after a quick stop for gas and coffee. The ride to Chicago was actually pretty good - it went quite quickly. The last hour was crazy we had 3 or 4 toll booths - I can't get use to them! We finally found our hotel and dropped off our stuff before heading back out to look for food.

The time in Chicago was fast and fun. We spent the whole day Friday there. We went by train. We had bought tickets for the double decker buses and trolly rides for the day - best decision we ever made! We hoped to make the 10:40pm train back to our hotel but missed it. We just barely made the 12:40 which was the last train out of the city for the night!! It was the 'drunk' train so it was pretty entertaining for most of the ride back. We made it back to the hotel a little after 2am after stopping for food.

My only regret is that I didn't get a chance to buy a Chicago sweater which was my main goal! I had a chance in the beginning but foolishly thought I would have more chances later on and didn't want to lug it around the whole day - how foolish of me! Ah well chalk it up to experience!

Getting up Saturday morning was super hard - we headed down for breakfast at 9:45 as it was over by 10. There wasn't much food left though! We ate the leftovers and then went in the pool for a bit. We eventually went up to our room, showered and packed up our stuff and then checked out. We stopped at a Super Target and spent over an hour there - a lot of it in the booze aisle as we stared at the cheap prices! We eventually checked out spending over $70 - probably half of it on booze! Before we left town we wanted to eat at a diner featured on Diners, Drive-In's and Dives. We drove to the greasy spoon in town and had an amazing meal. I also got to go speed shopping for 20 minutes and found a pair of blue sandals and a black top at Marshalls. I could do a whole lot more damage if I didn't have that man standing over me, I should definitely go on the next girls' trip to the States!

We finally got on the road home around 5pm - a lot later than planned. I thought we might want to drive half way a good 4 or 5 hours an then maybe stop but Keith was hellbent on getting us home and he was up for driving solo the whole way so we made it home by 12:30. We crossed the border without any problems - there was no lineup and we were through in less than a minute!

I went to bed around 2am while Keith I think finally came to bed around 4am. He has to switch his sleeping schedule around as he is on nights at work this week. Today I think will be spent doing laundry, unpacking and putting our living room back together oh and grocery shopping. I also plan on scheduling in some time with my book today as it is pretty good and I would like to finish it. Keith will probably want to hide out in the basement with the tv and couch so that works well for my reading time!

Mkay time to wrap this up and maybe watch a bit of tv (I have a lot of recorded shows on the pvr!).

10:39 a.m. - 2012-07-22


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