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Letís try NOT to delete this entry shall we?

I might just scratch my nose right off my face and right now I cannot say that that is a bad thing! These allergies are driving me insane. Every morning I sneeze my face off then I blow my nose with about half a box of Kleenex and finally I walk throughout the day resisting the urge to rub my knuckle repeatedly into my eye ball. This developing allergies as an adult is total BS.

So I had written an entry last week and then on the weekend I was a crazed deleting machine in my hotmail and poof deleted my entry (it was in the drafts folder so itís gone as soon as I push the delete button).

So let me just summarize what I had written! I had an excellent time with my friend S on our girl only long weekend, despite the fact she was 3 hours late picking me up. No wait Ė only 2 hours. Her man apparently Ďturned off the alarmí that morning and thus her tardiness. We lost a lot of valuable site seeing time but whatchagonna do? We ate at a restaurant featured on tvís food network then we spent the afternoon thrift store shopping and had an amazing time. Sunday we did the beach thing the whole day and had amazing weather. We topped the day off by watching the sunset while eating peanut buster parfaits. Can life get any better than that? I thought not. Monday we headed home via a quick stop for a visit with friends. Their life has been an ongoing horror story the last few months. I sure hope their luck turns around soon.

So that was my long wknd with S. Our friendship is one that we need very little to amuse ourselves and just have fun. We are both very easy going which works when you are travelling. I am probably the more anal of the two so thatís always interesting.

This past weekend was less exciting but I still had a good time. Saturday Cís yardsale got rained out which was a bummer cause I filled a large tote with books that I have read and would rather try and sell then just donate. C is going to have her yard sale this Saturday but I canít make it so she offered to try and sell my books for me which is nice. I plan on going through them tonight and picking out the good ones for her to sell Ė the rest I plan on going online and selling as a large bundle. Weíll see if I follow through! I get nervous about selling online Ė strangers (!) but more importantly Iím lazy!

So after not getting up at 7am on a Saturday I went back to sleep and we slept til 10. Around 1 we left the house for T dot. We went to our mall and spent the next few hours there! We shopped at our store and bought a ton of x-mas and birthday gifts! We then headed to Zellers and it was 10 days til closing (that store) and let me tell you it was a zoo. But we did buy a portable play pen for T for half price. It didnít come in the box and as we were putting it in the storage bag we noticed it had a tear in it. We still bought it. We will fix the bag. We made sure the instruction booklet was there and Keith made sure there was nothing wrong with the play pen itself. It was a floor model but it was up out of reach of people and we think the only reason it wasnít gone was because people didnít see a box to put it in. I also bought a few other things cause I have no self control that way!

Sunday I made the mistake of once again tackling my closets (I do this a lot cause I have a lot of clothes). I daresay I have too many! I MUST start wearing everything and not sticking to my no-brainer clothes. I am gonna have to start putting together outfits at the beginning of the week and having them ready to go each day. I just wake up and the last thing I want to deal with is wearing a skirt Ė especially when it comes time to pair them with boots etc. Iíd rather grab a pair of black work pants and throw them on with a shirt I already know looks ok with the pants. Yes I do annoy myself.

Iím heading to my parents this wknd and right now plans are up in the air. My mom wants to take me out for a mother/daughter spa day like I did with her but is running into problems with timing. My sil is having a hard time by the sounds of it with her 2 Ĺ year old and a newborn. I sent her an email giving her a heads up that a few of us gals would be in her area first wknd of November and to keep it open if she can for a small visit. She um didnít shoot me down exactly but I donít think sheís able to see the light at the end of her current tunnel. I didnít push it. She has a few months to get a hold on things and maybe by then will be able to hand over the reins to my brother for a few hours during the afternoon for a dinner our and maybe even a quick spa treatment on her toes! Weíll see. I hope sheís able to make it. I also hope things become less chaotic for her. I cannot wait to meet my newest nephew and I cannot wait to see Little D again too! It should happen this weekend if everything goes as planned!

But firstÖ.first I have to get through today. Itís hard cause my work doesnít arrive til around 10:30 so unless I have left over work from the previous day I have to sit her not only trying to stay awake but also looking productive! Not easy any day but especially on Mondayís!

9:50 p.m. - 2012-09-10


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