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Where have I been? Where have you been?! Ha, don't mind me I am full of caffeine right now! It's Friday morning, I'm back from my doctor's appt and all is well (right now). Oh and I just watched one of my favourite show's - Pr0perty V1rgins and Sandra was showing people houses in my home town - woot woot. I think the house they bought was in my old neighbourhood!

Anywho what's been going on? Well I celebrated my b-day last weekend. I had a lovely b-day. I'm not one to dread the birthday - I don't relish aging but I roll with it and plus I ain't gonna lie I love getting presents. Is that wrong to admit? Well it's the truth. I do like it when people put thoughts into their gifts. Alright enough about gifts.

The day before my b-day Keith took me out to lunch which was sweet as he had to work that day so he got up earlier than normal. We went to Red L0bster of course. Awesome. I then took myself shopping at the thrift store!

Saturday we got up early (again the hubby was super sweet to do this as he probably only had 5 hours sleep). We headed for my parents. We dropped Keith off at my house and then my mom and I headed off to the spa! My mom got us a mani, pedi and a massage. Relaxing. We had the same girls as last time and man can my girl chat. Sometimes inappropriate but she's young, she'll learn. Then my mom had to stop at a grocery store before we left for home. After a frustrating search for a tim's (there is one on every corner except where we were!) we headed home. We got back to the house and my whole dam fam was there which was awesome. I finally met my newest nephew - adorable and so tiny!!

After dinner, cake and presents (yay for presents!) those who could headed to the fair for the derby. I acquired the admission bracelet from my brother and my dad the minister acquired his from my sister-in-law. Funny.

It was a good derby - lot of smashes. Sunday after church and lunch Keith and I headed over to my brother and sil's new house! They live about 40 minutes away from my parents (my parents have got to be in heaven about that). Their house is gorgeous - needs some minor cosmetics and definitely some painting - not to mention the removal of borders in every single room!

We finally headed home around 7pm that evening. I drove my mom's car with her as a passenger and Keith drove himself. My mom was coming home with us to sleep over as she had an early meeting nearby. I had already made arrangements to go into work late but I called my boss and said I would be even later cause I decided to take my mom out to breakfast cause how often does that happen? It was lovely spending that time with my mom.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. My book request 50 Sh@des came up and I have been attached to that book all week. It may be the pms speaking but I am enjoying the crap out of that book. I heard differing reviews so my expectations weren't that high. The writing isn't the greatest but it is very readable. And it's hot. I'm sorry it just is. I'm glad I didn't avoid reading it just to buck the trend (I can be stubborn like that).

C is supposed to be bringing me the other 2 books on Sunday. She owns all 3 but they were being loaned out. She's coming down Sunday to go to the bookstore that is closing.

As for the rest of the day? I don't know. I do have to go exercise - especially after my doctor's appt this morning. My blood work came back fine. No new pills so that's good. But I really want to step up my exercise (or you know actually do it now that the heatwave that was called summer is over). I admittedly was slack all summer long but now there is no excuse. The evenings are brisk - perfect for walking. It is starting to get super dark early now so I just have to remember to stick to well lit areas and I will be okay. It would be nice to surprise my doctor with a bit of a weight loss in 3 months - just sayin'.

Keith should be getting up soon. He'll be heading to work around 3. I should probably clean and do some more switching of the clothes (seasons) but I will probably grab my book and finish it! Or maybe I will wait til this evening to finish it....delayed gratification! Aw yah!

11:07 a.m. - 2012-09-21


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